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  • Over the last 15 years in the IT industry, I have never experienced a hosting service and support worse than The fact that their server is always slow and goes down pretty much every weekend has hurt our business significantly. Their cPanel was down just now Sat Feb 2, 2013. Of course, our website has been down for about 1 hour and 35 minutes now (I have proof from an external traffic monitor). Seems like their server is down almost every weekend – which happens to be the busiest time for our business. However today’s outage is major! And their toll free support number has a busy signal 888-401-4678 I tried to file a bluehost support ticket and got a Server Error.

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  • Seems like their server is down almost every weekend…

    Not at my keyboard. I do not know whether having a dedicated IP might make any difference, but only about once per month is the average I have experienced, and this current outage is definitely of an exceptional length.

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    We already have a dedicated IP with bluehost (for 4 months now). It does not help. We have noticed downtimes almost every weekend, but they are usually like 1-5 minutes long. Short, intermittent, and very annoying downtimes. When I filed tickets for those – the responses I got from bluehost are usually: “What downtime? We just checked and your website is up.”

    Our WordPress site also runs VERY slow on bluehost. This is also intermittent. Sometimes the performance is just acceptable, then it’s awful (like it’s been over last 4 days). We are averaging 7 second page load times.

    We should not be just chatting here in the forums, but I believe it worthwhile to defend BlueHost for what it is: A *very* affordable server where only once have I had a less-than-acceptable-to-me response at the Support Chat window…and even though this is not funny, I can definitely understand the “What downtime?” response you got after-the-fact!

    I just started moving my sites to Bluehost from InMotionHosting. Talk about horrible service (IMH). But now I’m worried about Bluehost too after they claim 99.9% uptime. Who can we trust?

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    *very* affordable as in *cheap*. It’s true, you get what you pay for.

    I really don’t understand the issues that other people seem to be having.

    I have dozens of sites (personal and clients) hosted at BlueHost, and many run WordPress. I’ve found BlueHost features, performance, reliability and support to be great, and the price is outstanding.

    Note that BlueHost is currently experiencing a major outage due to a power surge in Utah. However, it appears that most sites are up and running in less than an hour.

    Are they down now? I can not access my blog.

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    I must be on bluehost “bad” list, because my site has been down for 2.5 hours now and counting…

    I have one wordpress site on my account so far and it has been working perfectly except for today when the server went down. However, I have experienced long wait times on live chat and calling in which I had not experienced with the previous host. Bottomline, I don’t mind waiting a little longer as long as the server is reliable.

    …currently experiencing a major outage due to a power surge in Utah.

    Ah. That explains why this downtime is so long. Too bad all the carrier pigeons are gone!

    @cr8n00: Yep, seems so.

    …long wait times on live chat…

    30 minutes yesterday was my longest-ever, and I usually only have to wait about 10.

    Noticed posted on Bluehost’s Facebook site at

    My blog is back up.

    I have never had any problems with them till today. But with the power surge I guess that would explain it.

    I can’t get into either of my two websites hosted by bluehost.

    I tried calling them but you can’t get thru…their phone does not ring, just a dead nothing.

    Yep, back in gear!

    My sites have been restored after 2hrs 8min 7sec of downtime.

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