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  • can you show us your website link?

    I would also disable all your plugins. That is the normal cause of performance issues. They should give you access to the back end. There you can just rename your wp-content/plugins folder to plugins.bak so that it isn’t used anymore. That much should be enough for you to get re-activated.

    thanks for your response guys i ended up deleting all the plugins in the folder,here is the link to my site but it has been deactivated

    Thank you guys, account has been reactivated.

    i deleted all the plugin on the sub domain with the highest content and wrote bluehost to review the site, they did and reactivated my account.


    I’m glad you got that resolved. The guys at Bluehost are normally pretty understanding. From my experience if you talk to them they will work with you.

    yes bhpress they sure have a terrific team there, meanwhile with no plugins installed my site is still highly throttled any idea of where am suppose to look at.


    Well are you still getting throttled, or is this just left over from before? If you are getting new throttling time I would suggest changing to the default theme to see if it is your theme that is to resource intensive. Also how much traffic are you getting to your site?

    guys can you please help me with a Cpanel hosting login

    dg0147: You need to contact your hosting company. Also, your question is not related to this topic.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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