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  • I was not sure if this was a question belonging on these forums so I put it under Miscellaneous.

    Anyone have Blue Host Web Hosting listed under the Hosting tab? Is Blue Host the preferred host for this website?

    I had questions on features and wanted to get some feedback.

    Does it use cPanel? If not, what does it use?
    What stat features are offered? (i.e, AwStats, Webalizer, etc.)

    I went on Blue Host’s site but couldn’t find what I was looking for? Maybe I’m blind.

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  • I signed-up with BLueHost yeswterday and set up my site with only a few glitches. I opened a couple of help tickets for the various problems I encountered and got replies today. HOWEVER… the final reply was that they deleted my site and refunded my money per my request. Funny thing s that I NEVER requested them to delete my site or to refund my money. Six solid hours of work entirely down the drain. What a bunch of incompetent hosers! The worst ever in life.

    coming back to withdraw my support of BlueHost. I still use them but wouldn’t recommend.

    After weeks of irritating, frustrating back and forth with BlueHost I got this final insulting and inflamatory reply (below) from Danny Ashworth, their VP and owner. (

    Gives you an idea of the incredibly lame, weak, worthless and doewnright antagonistic attitude that obviously comes from the company’s leadership.

    Hey Stave,
    Have a martini and take your prozac.

    So it was an accident that you sent a fraudulent e-mail to me? The e-mail was not fraudulent. Your site was deleted because you lied about the country you were from.

    And it was an accident that your tech support guy asked me for private and confidential credit card information via e-mail?

    It is not a crime to ask for it via e-mail.

    And then it was an accident that you guys still refuse to acknowledge severe weaknesses in your handling of this matter and the utterly unacceptable “service”?

    We accepted the fact that we did not handle it in the best manner possible but you would not be happy no matter what we did so it would be better for us both to have you go make some other hosting company miserable.

    And it was an accident that you’ve totally confused “fighting fraud” with despicable manners, business sense and common courtesy.

    With people like you signing up I think we will increase our FRAUD protection. I wish we had some idiot protection because then you would never have
    been able to sign up.

    OK. You shall reap what you sow. Such a pity you are so incredibly weak and worthless, like an accident waiting to go out of business.

    We are in the top 10 fastest growing hosting companies in the world I think we will survive without an “Extensive overland backpacking traveler” who can’t seem to keep a Job for more than a few years.
    offers word press hosting and uses cpanel, awstats, fantasico and urchin. they provide better personal support.

    I haven’t had any problems with bluehost. As a matter of fact, I’ve been very happy with their level of service. works great for me! their support is great, too. i’ve only had a few issues with textdrive and the support department was extremely helpful. once i submitted a ticket, they resolved the issue within a few hours. very much worth the monthly charge.

    For what its worth I use and have the wifes blog setup on the php developers plan, if the blog takes off I can move it to the business plan. Helpdesk tickets/emails are responded on with in 18 minutes or less, 24/7 talking to a live english speaking tech that knows what there talking about and doing. There definetly worth a try , I have several commercial sites hosted through there and have NEVER had a problem or down time.


    I have blogs from google free blogs and i am able to access everything and they have given me all the rights to access and change it. example for my blog is i think after seeing this the topic might change to blogspot….



    All of the opinions about Bluehost are not too positive:

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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