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  • I was not sure if this was a question belonging on these forums so I put it under Miscellaneous.

    Anyone have Blue Host Web Hosting listed under the Hosting tab? Is Blue Host the preferred host for this website?

    I had questions on features and wanted to get some feedback.

    Does it use cPanel? If not, what does it use?
    What stat features are offered? (i.e, AwStats, Webalizer, etc.)

    I went on Blue Host’s site but couldn’t find what I was looking for? Maybe I’m blind.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    Use ASO.

    Why do I say this ?
    Because I am extremely happy with my domains with them.

    And Bluehost ?

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    Yes, I am also a happy ASO user. I was not pleased with BlueHost’s support department.

    Don’t forget about Dean Allen’s TextDrive, However, if you are looking for a slick, c-Panel or Plesk like interface, you won’t find it. TXD is apparently for hard core geeks. Also, they insist on SFTP, FTP is just not allowed. But its support is second to none and everyone involved is committed to running secure servers. There’s been virtually no spam coming through on my domains that are hosted there.

    Hey I don’t mean to self advertise .. but I have my own hosting “company” here, .. with cPanel and Fantastico autoinstaller.

    Thanks so much for the feedback! 🙂 I’m not looking for something complicated. I like simplicity. Getting my WordPress diary to where it is now was complicated enough. Anyway.

    Feedback was much appreciated.

    I’m a pretty satisfied asmallorange customer myself.

    I’ve heard good things about ASO, but I personally use for my hosting. Very satisfied customer for almost a year now.

    I added word press to my domain using Blue Host. Now that I added my blog to my domain I am unable to find the Fanstico link in my control pannel. Anyone have ideas why this is going on. I am unable to add another blog or any other programs that use PHP. Has anyone had this problem and know what the fix is?


    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    Steven, that is not a WordPress problem. You will have to contact BlueHost’s support department. is much better.

    I’ve used Site5 for my hosting needs. Just went with them and have been very, very pleased. Almost went with ASO. Only reason I didn’t was because I also run a message board adn thought I’d have too much going on for their servers.

    Either one is excellent

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    So, a user named “kev888” joins eight hours ago and immediately posts “ is much better.” He does not offer any support for the OP, nor does he offer any constructive criticism of other hosting companies, nor does he provide any facts for why his hosting company is better. Ladies and Gentlemen, take note of this. Do not register your hosting account with spammers such as Kevhosting.

    I’ve been with BlueHost since Jan of this year and very very happy with them. Only needed to call support one time and they fixed what was wrong immediately. sorry, can’t remember what the problem was as it’s been too long ago. Regardless, they’ve been an excellent host so far.

    I retreated from Earthlink after they wouldn’t “support third party software” when i went to them for help with MT. They changed something on their end and wouldn’t/couldn’t explain what they did…so good bye Earthlink, hello Bluehost. I’ve been extrememly pleased with both the customer support and the service…especially the price!

    I’m extremely happy with bluehost. Here’s a post that I put together that shows how happy I am with them.

    good luck,

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