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  • I have been looking through this forum and I have noticed quite a number of people having problems with installations of WordPress 2.5, so I thought I’d offer a beacon of hope to those of you who are using Bluehost as your host serving company. I have, traditionally installed new versions of WordPress through Fantastico Deluxe, one of the software packages that Bluehost offers to its customers (and I want to put in a purely personal plug for Bluehost itself – I have my own domain there, actually, two, both of which I got through GoDaddy but I found GoDaddy impossible to work with, not their products but their support, I switched hosts two weeks after getting my domain names, then re-registered them through Bluehost – whose support is outstanding, you can talk to a live person, who can see the same files you are looking at, find them if you lose them as we newbies are wont to do and generally keep you afloat and moving easily). Well, the problem with Fantastico is that it runs 6 weeks behind WordPress releases, and for those which are security issues, that is quite a long time. So, this past weekend I got a message from Bluehost telling me they are now offering SimpleScripts is an automated script installer just like Fantastico as a standard part of their hosting package. The advantage to it, they said, was that it is MUCH faster at offering upgrades and when I looked was already offering WordPress 2.5. I backed up my posts and let SimpleScripts give me a clean install of 2.5 – which came up blank, as if it were a brand new install of WordPress, it took me two tries to restore my posts, and but one to reinstall my theme and Askimet. Minutes, clean install and no problems. The only issues I had came about because WordPress 2.5 really is very different and I needed to redo some things I had already done – probably all my fault, in terms of users and user privileges and there is a new user admin, with a new password, that you need to work around, but changing things was a snap, and now that I’ve had my first install with SimpleScripts, it will remember what we’ve done and retain the settings I’ve created for future upgrades. So – if any of you are using Bluehost, and having trouble with manual installs because Fantastico does not yet offer WordPress 2.5, check out SimpleScripts. :^) gene

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  • genej313,
    I completely agree with you about Bluehost. I read others in these forums with some complaints but I cannot say enough good things about Bluehost. Best support I have ever had with any host provider!!

    I converted one fantastico install and two manual installs to the simple script installs today and had not one major problem. Was much easier than I was expecting.

    The only minor problem I had while following the instructions was when I finally got to the upgrade. The instructions had me install the current version I was using (2.5) and then after it was installed using the simple script version to run the install and in two cases it will not let me complete the upgrade to 2.5.1. On the last one I decided to just try to go straight to 2.5.1 and it seemed to work. From the simple script page it shows I am at 2.5.1 but when I log in to the dashboard it only shows 2.5 and will not let me upgrade.

    I have no doubts whatsoever that the excellent support at Bluehost will be able to eventually help me resolve this. And all my sites are up and fully functional at 2.5.

    I wonder if you had any similar problems?

    I’ve seen this issue before, too, but I’ve always been able to fix it by uninstalling all plugins and preparing the site as Simple Scripts suggests, then it should complete the upgrade properly.

    Here is the link to SimpleScripts article on it.

    Guys, don’t dig up months old threads to create here a positive “publicity stunt” for bluehost… and this is addressed to both of you BernardBorealis and

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