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  • On 8/25 I downloaded WordPress through Fantastico Delux at Blue Host (hosting provider) and had version 2.5.1 installed successfully. A choice to upgrade to 2.6.1 does not exist. Should I assume that version 2.6.1 will not work properyl on Bluehost. If no, how would I go about upgrading?

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  • I used bluehost for quite some time. They are slow to release the upgrades. It will come, just wait for it.

    It is Fantastico which is slow, not Bluehost. It most certainly will come, however, I prefer to either do the upgrade manually, or transfer the installation over to Simple Scripts, which is a new feature Bluehost offers, making everything easier and the updates come much, MUCH more quicklly through Simple Scripts.

    Here’s an article on migrating to Simple Scripts if you are interested in that:

    the easiest way i found is that you can install the plugin to do the wordpress automatic upgrade….

    you can upgrade wordpress from the wp-admin page.. thus there is no need to wait for bluehost fantastico to do it for you (which is slow).

    i am using the plugin in few of my wordpress blog, even at the bluehost review site that i hosting with .. i just get it updated to wordpress 2.6.2. today. thanks to this easy to use plugin.

    Bluehost/Fantastico, whatever… is slow to make upgrades available, yet they appear first on the list of recommended providers.

    WordPress needs to rank hosts based on feedback of users.

    I would not recommend Bluehost because of their slowness to provide timely upgrades.



    I’ve had excellent results with Bluehost and have moved ALL of my domains to my Bluehost account.
    Also, simple scripts has much faster updates then Fantastico- they already offer 2.7

    Not everyone is thrilled. If you’re lucky (as I was with most of my blogs) you’ll be able to upgrade with Simple Scripts and everything goes okay. But sometimes Simple Scripts is a bit simple, if you know what I mean. You can find out more here and here. Basically, I found that Simple Scripts is not as flexible as Fantastico when it comes to WordPress configuration. If you install WordPress in its own subdirectory, for example, you may have problems. And Bluehost support doesn’t want to know… they haven’t a clue what to do either.

    To be fair, this appears to be more a problem for us previously existing users rather than people just signing up and installing WP for the first time. But I was a new user once, and I would probably not have chosen Bluehost if I’d known I would wind up in this spot. So buyer beware.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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