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    Wondering if you could provide me some feedback on the new site design at

    The blog is not new but the layout is. I played with several layouts including now default Kubrick and realized I have to custom design my theme. I started from scratch.

    It is not full CSS based, has some tables. It was taking too much time and effort to stick with pure CSS based theme so I choosed something simpler.

    Looking for your constructive criticisms on the layout and design elements.

    There are lot of the features of this site which are not normally visible. For example this site now has categories which for all purposes can act as independent blogs and they will, including pings etc. Search is category is restricted to category entries only and so are many other features which first defaults to category based listings.

    The translation feature is currently broken but will soon be rectified.

    Some features are based on custom plugins I designed and not yet published.


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  • Getting a page not found, angsuman….

    Can you please provide me the link?

    WOW! What a change from your previous look. 🙂

    I like it, but with so much going on, I wonder if you might consider using a san serif font. Maybe it’s just my eyes are too old to work on the serif font. 😛

    I just clicked on your link above. It’s fine now *shrug*.

    I would have to say that davincim’s suggestion about sans serif fonts is a pretty good one. I can’t handle 3 column styles at all – too busy for me, and the serif font makes it even harder to deal with. Your “look” is clean except for the busyness…. but you know that’s just me, okay?

    Thanks for your suggestions. Keep it coming 🙂

    @davincim Thanks. Yes it is significantly different from the old layout (Kubrick/default based).
    Kubrick is too clean for me, doesn’t have enough space to put in things.

    @vkaryl I hear you 🙂

    Very nice. I like the red.


    Thanks to all for your kind feedback.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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