• I have a wordpress site mounted and want to start a blogspot.com blog. I have looked into widgets and plugins that will help me display my blogspot.com postings, but they all seem to want to post them on the main page. I want to use the main page for announcements. Is there any way I can have my blogspot.com postings appear on a separate page?

    Thank you,

    Russell D. James
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  • Hi Russell,

    Why don’t you just use WordPress as your blog AND your site? You can make it so posts under the “announcements” category show up on your main page and posts under the “blog” category show on a separate page.

    You’ll need to do some theme hacking for this to work, but it is quite simple (use a specific query on the main page and create a template page that returns only blog posts). It will make life much easier for you as you will be able to control your site and your blog without ever leaving WordPress.

    If you need any help regarding this, please let us know.

    If this helps you, please let us know and mark this post as “Solved” to help others in the WordPress community to easily find the solution to this same problem.


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    I would love to use WordPress as my blog and have it show up on a different page than my announcements page (main page). I have no idea on how to do some theme hacking, however. How do I 1) use a specific query on the main page and which query, and 2) create a template page that returns only blog posts? Is there a template page that someone can give me or that I can download from somewhere?

    This is my situation. I am a literary agent who represents authors to get them published. Each author has their won website, some of them wordpress. Each author has a blog, some of them wordpress some of them blogger. I want to be able to import their blog postings into the page on my wordpress site that is about them.

    But mainly I want to have a blog on my wordpress site that is different than the main announcements page. That is what I need help with. Any help you can give to someone who knows zilch about PHP would be very helpful.

    Create a childtheme by copying for an example the index.php

    (twenty eleven)

     * Template Name: Newcopy
     * Description: A Page Template that showcases Sticky Posts, Asides, and Blog Posts
     * The showcase template in Twenty Eleven consists of a featured posts section using sticky posts,
     * another recent posts area (with the latest post shown in full and the rest as a list)
     * and a left sidebar holding aside posts.
     * We are creating two queries to fetch the proper posts and a custom widget for the sidebar.
     * @package WordPress
     * @subpackage Twenty_Eleven
     * @since Twenty Eleven 1.0

    and then inserting

    if you’re using twentyeleven . But some configuration and it´ll work on every theme.

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    So I go to my dashboard, then click on themes? Then were do I paste this code? Thank you for providing it, but I’m clueless as to where to put this. And do I copy over the existing code on that theme page or put your code above or below it? Do I do this in the themes or on a new page that I’ve created for my blog?

    I tried the blog-on-blog plugin, but the instructions are written for someone who understands the coding. It did not work.

    Thank you again and I hope you can explain where to put this code and then if there are any other steps.

    Use a ftp program and this is for a wordpress blog.
    and you create a new childtheme ( page) and then when it’s complete ( css etc will be saved ) you choose it on a page when you make a new page ( Choose page template) and then press post and you´ll have a blog on that page.

    If you don’t understand coding this can be tricky.

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