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  • Hi All,
    One of my favorite features with WP is the ability to post date entries. On some of my blogs, I pre-load most of the week’s articles on one day, then let the software do it’s thing throughout the week without my having to do anything.
    I like having, technorati, etc notified when I make a post though, so I’m curious: Will they be notified of the new post when it goes public, or when I preload it into the db?
    Thanks in advance,

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  • Hi Kathy,
    The answer depends on whether you choose to have WP ping those sites each time an article is published. The easiest way to ensure that the pings happen is to use once a day.
    After you ping using pingomatic for the first, bookmark the results page, and then the next time you want to ping the sites, just load that page in your browser and refresh it. Easy does it!

    Thanks 2fargon,
    I have my options set to automatically ping each time I post. So for now I’ll be careful about pre-loading too much at once because it seems like it’d be rude (or considered ping spam?) to ping services 10-20 times while pre-loading content, yet only have 1-2 new items showing on the blog.
    Might be nice to add a toggle switch checkbox to the entry form specifically for whether to ping update services or not. Kind of like the current “ping urls in this post” option can be toggled on/off at will.

    Almost forgot: Thanks for the URL. I like that service but the whole point of pre-loading content (for me at least) is so that I can go away completely disconnected for days or weeks on end, yet still have fresh content being published regularly. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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