• I was wondering what some of you think about using a blogroll? How many actually use it? Advantages/disadvantages you’ve noticed while using it?
    I’ve thought about setting one up, but haven’t because my goal is not to have some big long list of blogs I “supposedly” read. I highly doubt that most people regularly read the blogs that they say they do, especially when their list is 50-100 links long! From what I can see, it simply turns into a link exchange and I’m not going to give my stamp of approval for a blog I’ve read once or simply because they’ve linked to me. I want my list to actually mean something….that I READ THEM! I currently have a short list of blogs that I check all the time for new content and I manage it through the WP Link Manager.
    Thanks for your thoughts/ideas in advance,

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  • Well, I have a “blogroll” but it’s only about 30 blogs long… and yes, I read every one every day. 🙂 I use my blog as a personal bookmarking service – at least for the blogs and webcomics I read… I could care less if those people link back to me or not 🙂

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    I think that if like Antifuse, you read all your links, then it’s a good thing.
    Unfortunately, some peoples pages seem to think that they are competing in some sort of “I’ve-got-more-links-than-anyone-else-ever” which I just cannot see the point of.
    It’s something I’ve not yet used simply because up until I found WP this month, I did all my diary pages in HTML, and used no other coding.
    I too see a link as some sort of approval, hence my having only a few. Odd really, I do scan lots using my RSS program..

    Okay, can anyone help me understand the advantages of WP’s link capabilities vs. the service at blogrolling.com? In particular, can WP natively show which blogs have been updated recently and stuff like that?

    yes, it shows recently updated blogs with a tooltip saying when the update was. the main advantage is that the blogroll is on your own server, so you’re not relying on an external host to handle that side of things. you can also sort links according to category, add descriptions, use buttons instead of text, and include XFN descriptors saying what your relationship to that blogger is.
    did i miss anything? 😀

    I read all the blogs on my blog reads. 🙂 I too am amazed at the people that claim to read 100’s of blogs. How can they as most of them aren’t even valid links any longer?
    I use the WP links manager as well as Blogrolling.

    Anon, thanks for all the info! And Southerngal, why both, if I may ask?

    I actually read more weblogs than there are on my blogroll – thanks to the great invention called RSS.. 😉 And there I also see, which links are valid or not.
    And I don’t put all of them on my blogroll, since I already added some by hand and am now afraid, an OPML import would mess up with that. And for adding all of them by hand – well.. I’m too lazy to do that.. 🙂

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