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  • HI there,

    I’m searching for a blogroll plugin that allows users to instantly upload an icon that goes with the link.

    The current build-in Link Manager does support images, but you have to manually create and upload them. Not user friendly at all for users that are not familiar with web design.

    Is there such thing that makes a list of links you insert, and that has an upload option available that automatically generates a thumbnail icon? Doesn’t need to be resized, but can be.

    The thing is that I can’t rely on favicons, because the site’s we link to are not using favicons 80% of the time.

    Screenshots are not an option, since we don’t have much space. It’s for the sidebar.

    I prefer upload functionality over thumbnail generation. If the user still has to make the image I will find a way, but the uploading part would be great if they can do that together with adding the link, not seperately.



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