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  • I am so surprised that there appears to be no decent blogroll/links manager for wordpress. We have the feature of links categories, but where to find a plugin that keeps links under the categories and shows the descriptions etc. All I seem to see is a long list of links in a sidebar, or plugins that don’r work with 2.5.1

    Any ideas (except WordPress_Link_Directory_1.42) which is excellent, but does not use the wp native links tables.

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  • Blogroll Links Page works for me in 2.5.1.

    Thanks mosey, but I’ve seen this. It’s all rather basic and as the developer states, does not handle sub cats very well.

    Hi House O/S,

    Its not too hard to code, and trust me I’m no PHP expert!

    As log as your sidebar is not widgetised you can add this or modify the existing code to:

    <?php wp_list_bookmarks('categorize=0&category=2'); ?>

    Categorize=0 Takes away the category heading
    categorize=1 Adds the category heading

    category=x Just add the category id you require here and WP will only list links from this category.

    NB – In the latest version of WP you have to hover over the link in WP admin to find out it’s ID.


    Thanks Dan for that comment. I guess I should have said that I want a propper links page, not a sidebar thing. They soon run out of space. However, what you posted could be used to build a page template, so thanks for that idea!

    The blogroll links page worked for me for a while, but all the sudden by links dissapeared… dont’ know why…

    Then I tried this one plugin I found somewhere on the wordpress site:

    <h2>Contributing Members</h2>
    <!--blogroll-links-links category-slug="contributing-members" sort-by="link_name" sort-order="desc"--><!--/blogroll-links-->
    <h2>Fashion Blogs : General</h2>
    <!--blogroll-links category-slug="fashion" sort-by="link_name" sort-order="desc"--><!--/blogroll-links-->

    although I like the idea… it doesn’t work either. There are over 300 links in my links…all in about 10 categories…

    Man, I just launched the site today, and it’s kind of one of those blogger communities and the links are important… so frustrated.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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