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  • N00b question here…. What exactly is a Blogroll for? I link to tons of sites, few of them are actually ‘blogs’ so I changed the name of that section to “Links.” Just wondering if I am missing out on anything here? I heard of a way to show the most-recently-updated blogs at the top of the blogroll, and I am *assuming* that only works for RSS-enabled blogs?

    I guess I’m asking, does blogroll mean anything more than “Links To Other Blogs”?

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  • Yes and no. It means “links to other blogs”. To some people it may mean “Blogs I read all the time”. There’s also a website,, where you can store your blogrolls and automatically generate code (javascript or php) so that whenever you update your blogroll, presto chango, it gets updated on any sites that carry it.

    Since WordPress allows link categories, you might want to have a category for blogs and a category for other types of sites. If you did that, “blogroll” would be an easily recognized way of saying “These links are to blogs”.

    Almost none of the links on my “blogroll” have ever been blogs, just sites I like. I’m really rebellious like that 😉

    jennmiller, How’d you get the Shire Reckoning date on your sidebar?

    It’s a plugin I found here! Scroll down to the version that also gives “On this date….” It’s a nifty little plugin.

    Thanks. 🙂

    Tomhanna, thanks again. I’ve read a bunch of your helps on other threads that I didn’t post in. You’re quick, and give good info. Props.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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