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  • Although a lot of people don’t seem to like the new setup of the Blogroll, but for me, it’s perfect as I want to associate links to a specific category. But I’m a little lost on something.

    I currently have a category setup like this:
    Parent A
    – Child A
    — Sub-Child A1
    — Sub-Child A2
    – Child B
    — Sub Child B1
    — Sub Child B2
    Parent B

    For some reason, when attempting to add a new link in the Blogroll, the Sub-Children are not listed, which is where I want to associate the links. I’m sure I could manually add the links using the Import Links option little bit by little bit, but you can guess that would become annoying after a while.

    If there something I’m missing or just overlooking? Thanks in advance!

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  • If a Category is assigned to a Post you won’t see it as available for associating with a Link, but you can manually type (or add) that Category in Add Links, then that Category will be available for both Posts and Links.

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