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  • I would like to choose the order of my blogroll categories (other than alphabetical). Does anyone know how?

    My site:
    Ignore the “Pages” (which I call Brain Spew). Just below that is my Blogroll:

    Link Categories currently(in alpha order):
    1. Entertain Me
    2. Inside My World
    3. Inspire Me
    4. Outside of My Control

    I want the order to be:

    1. Inside My World
    2. Outside of My Control
    3. Entertain Me
    4. Inspire Me

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  • Try looking here – wp list categories/Parameters.

    Specifically, the “orderby” parameter that will require you to make changes both in the Manage->Categories tab of admin and in the sidebar.php file that calls the category list to your sidebar.

    Thank you, Ladydelaluna. I changed the params to ID, see here: (‘sort_column=id&optioncount=0&hide_empty=0&all=1’); however, I have no clue what that did. I can’t seem to find a way to change the ID for the categories in the Manager. I also don’t see any changes in my site’s appearance in the blogroll order. Any other clues? I am getting desperate and tired of searching. Thank you so much!

    I use a plugin for this:

    WordPress Plugin – My Link Order

    It allows you to specify the order of your blogroll categories by dragging and dropping (as well as the links within each, should you want to go that far). There’s a 2.2 version, for which I can’t vouch, but the 2.3 version worked perfectly for me out of the box.

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to this topic – I’ve been looking for a way to do this too. It’s a shame WP doesn’t build in the ability to do it themselves.

    Works great in 2.3.2.

    BLESS YOU. This is just what I neeeded

    That plugin looks great in the control panel, but using the latest version of WordPress (2.5.1) unfortunately it actually doesn’t change the order of link categories at all. It does nothing.

    Hi BerettaNZ. I just installed this and thought the same thing. But, did you notice that you need to add a new widget in place of the standard one ? It tripped my up for a while until I noticed. I’ve only been using it a few minutes, but this plugin appears to rock!


    You need to overwrite taxonomy.php again after each upgrade. Annoying, but no good way around it since they hard code how categories can be ordered as such a low level in the code (normally stuck with by ID or name).

    It took me a moment to remember to move the my link order widget over too :p

    I’m having a problem with this plugin though. I’ve had the same problem since 2.3.2, and it’s continued over to 2.5.1.

    Most of my link categories are fine, but when I go into 1 specific one to re-order links after adding new ones, it calls up all the links from 3 different categories, all jumbled together in a weird higgledy-piggledy way. I have to try to re-order the links that should be in that category as best I can, then go into the other 2 categories and re-order them again, because they have been messed up by working on the other one, iyswim.

    To illustrate: my blog is The offending link category, on the right, is “photography”. Whenever I go into that to re-order, it lists all the links in that category, plus all the links in “photo blogs – the pictures” and “photo blogs – the words”. They are all out of order and mingled together. I try to order the “photography” links as best I can, but saving then messes up the link order of “photo blogs – the pictures” and “….. the words”. I have to go back into them individually, and re-order everything in them, which is a pita. This doesn’t happen with any of the other categories. I can’t work out why it’s happening.

    Any ideas?

    I fixed my problem.

    For posterity, in case anyone else has the same:

    I’d originally created photo blogs – the pictures by renaming the original link category that comes installed with WP. I have now transferred all the links in that category over to a newly-created one, so there’s nothing left in the original one, and it’s solved the problem.

    The Plugin ist not compatible with the new version 2.6.
    I hope well get a update soon, its a very usefull Plugin.

    Agree with Wachert, I’m having problems with 2.6 as well.

    Yeah, doesn’t seem to be working with 2.6 yet. Looking forward to the update though! This plugin is pretty easy to use.

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