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  • I’ve installed Blogroll-Autolinker, activated it, and set the name delimiters to “{” and “}”.

    I’ve used those delimiters in my WP Blogroll to surround the name of the blogger; e.g., {Bloggername}, with the expectation that if I type that into a post, the name will be linked with the blog URL. However, all I see when I view the post is {Bloggername}.

    Clearly, I’m doing something incorrectly…but I’m not sure what. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Bryen


    My two cents:
    I just tried working with this plugin and it does work, however, there are certain things I discovered:

    1. I tried different delimiters and none worked except for [ and ].
    2. The name of the link is case-sensitive. (Bah! I wish it wasn’t.)
    3. It must be a link that was marked visible. So, I cannot create a bunch of private links that are not visible in blogrolls, but are visible when linking in posts.

    Hopefully, the next version of this plug-in can address issues 2 and 3. Then this would be an uber-powerful plugin. 🙂

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