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  • i have a theme that is giving me little support when it comes to blogroll questions. the sidebar with this theme is very limited in vertical space so a long blogroll does not work. my impression was that technorati authority links come from the mainpost and the blogroll only.

    my question to the theme developer was how can i put my blogroll on a page. with no answer here is another question put to the forum. can i simply add links on a “links” page and technorati will honor those links?

    and please don’t send me to technorati as their response are very slow in coming. anyone have experience here?

    and speaking of links. i can see new related links on technorati but in my dashboard there are no incoming links. is this a theme issue or something else.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The “incoming links” on the dashboard come from the results of a google blogsearch, not Technorati. Technorati proved problematic and completely unable to handle the traffic (they were down more or less constantly, and every time the thing failed, dozens of people asked these forums why), so WordPress switched to using Google. And, as you have seen, Technorati doesn’t respond to questions very well.

    I’m not sure what you’re asking with the rest of your post, could you be more clear?

    otto. well technorati sees the links much faster than google 😉

    are we saying that google blogsearch does not yet know of this new site = two weeks old. it comes up quickly on a google search.

    so even though there are links to my site it will take awhile before they start registering on the incoming links indicator in my dashboard home page. or is something broken in wordpress.

    upon further research my impression (please correct if my conclusion is wrong) is that technorati and google are at odds. to be able to have a decent PR and have technorati authority at the same time is impressive.

    it seems technorati loves any kind of non-duplicate links on a main post and blogroll. miniposts get no link credit.

    google on the other hand measures external links vs outgoing. so if you have a large number of blogroll links (external) on a page you are required to have much more incoming links to compensate. if not, your ‘google juice” leaks away = PR goes down.

    it’s suggested that you remove the blogroll links from the sidebar (blogrolls here always are competing with your incoming links.) you can it seems put your blogroll/reciprocal links on their own “links” page eliminating the competition with incoming links. note: any discussion on the “nofollow” topic can be later. right now, i am ignoring nofollow.

    if this is true is there an easy way to manage moving existing blogroll links? is there an elegant solution? at present i am manually copy/pasting from blogroll to new links page. note: i see some sites using link manager services but i am wary that these link services can be spammers in disquise.

    much of the above info came from andy beard at

    also, the above blogroll on a page is a bareboned list. it would be nice to have a links page have special features. like organize by category. or tags. or views (most popular links) similar to how an archive can be set up.

    otto, when did wordpress switch to google for incoming links? i have 19 links shown on technorati since my last link shown on my wordpress dashboard. that was five days ago. is this topic still on the forum?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    WordPress switched to using Google 7 months ago, but this was in trunk. WordPress version 2.3 was the first release with this change. switched to using Google over a year ago.

    Don’t like it? Install a plugin to change it back:

    Different people have different experiences. I found Technorati information and links to be completely useless, for example. Google gives me dozens of links back, and they are links from real sites and not from spammers. Google simply works better, in my experience. Technorati is more or less completely useless and ceased to be relevant about 2 years ago. But that’s just my opinion, of course.

    ok otto, thanks.

    In wpv2.6, on the dashboard, in the incoming links window, there’s an Edit button that lets you change the link from google to something else. What would the link be for technorati?

    The Edit button doesn’t work on mine – I’ve tried updating it several times tonight and saved it, but it just goes back to the Google Blogsearch – which incidentally just produces a lot of spam crap. Only splogs showing as linking to my blog which I know is not correct. Technorati clearly shows many quite up-to-date links to my blog via other blogs.

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