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  • Hi,

    I’ve started using the blogolife theme and I love it. However, I’m trying to get my blog title and subtitle to go across the full width of the page, rather than split into the next line. I know that a banner can go on the right hand side but I just want to use the title across the page.

    Any ideas how I can get the title to do this?

    This is my blog site;

    Any help will be very much appreciated.



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  • To get your title all on one line, you need:

    #branding hgroup {
      width: 100%;

    To get rid of some of the white space you’ll probably want to do:

    .header-desc {
      display: none;

    There’s no room for your site description on the same line as the title.

    If you don’t have full control over your theme’s code and if you’re not doing so already, you should be making any changes using a Child Theme as it’s the only recommended way to modify a theme.



    Thanks for that, peredur. Where do I add this code?

    I’m looking at setting up a child theme at the moment. Thank you for that too.

    Once you have your child theme, add the new rules to the end of your style sheet.

    If I were you, I’d create a minimal child theme that acts exactly like the parent theme (i.e. a child theme with just a style.css file with the mandatory comments—theme name, and template directory—and an @import statement to reference the parent style sheet). When you activate this, you’ll possibly have to redo some of your Dashboard settings, but apart from that it should look exactly like a vanilla install of your theme.

    You can then add your style modifications to the end of your minimal style sheet. In particular, if you’ve already made changes to your parent theme style sheet, you need to transfer those changes to your child theme style sheet, after which you should replace the parent theme’s style sheet with a vanilla version (after saving the altered one, of course, in case you need it later—if you forgot to transfer an alteration, for example).



    That’s brilliant, thank you. It’s very kind of you to spend time helping amateurs like me.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    It keeps me off the street.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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