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  • First, the usual newbie disclaimer. I am new not just to blogging, but also to PHP and WordPress. I started out with MT a few months ago. Just the wrong time, as it turned out.
    One thing I would like to do is blog by email. I can’t, as I can’t CRON. Partly, I think this is because I can’t be bothered to learn how to CRONTAB. I have seen the tutorials but I am trying to learn PHP and to be honest, my brain doesn’t have room for two things.
    So I thought – why not do the whole email update timecheck thing in PHP? I am not sure if this is a novel idea or (more likely) not, but this is more of a ‘request for comments’ type post I suppose.
    Basically, my idea is this.

    1. In index.php you have a little piece of code that writes the time and date of each access to a table in the database.
    2. A little after that, you have some PHP that deletes all but the two most recent entries from that table.
    3. The third piece of code does the work – it checks the time difference between the last two entries and keeps that as a cute little variable.
    4. In the setup pages, under the ‘blog by email’ you set an interval for the setup to check for new email posts (like a CRON interval). Call this x.
    5. Now the fourth bit of code takes the cute variable, and if it is bigger than x then it runs the emailing checking script, importing any new entries from the POP email box onto the page.
    6. Obviously, it cannot report the results to the page, as this will be the normal index page. However, it can send the information about the added entries in an email to the admin.

    Now, the only downside I could see with this is that it may add to server-load. However, it isn’t clear to me that the extra load would be very intensive and certainly no more intensive than running a CRON thingy.
    But wouldn’t this be a better way of doing things so that lazy people like me wouldn’t have to navigate the *nix shell?
    I may be away from this board for a while (Finals exams for a fortnight from tomorrow) but genuinely interested as to whether this is a possibility as it would make email blogging a hell of a lot simpler, especially for those that can’t use CRON.

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  • If you can’t use/setup CRON , use a service that checks your site periodically, like

    there is services that provide you cron jobs for like I think it is

    Thanks for that link, it will work wonders for me and is a great fix for my situation. However – is there any reason why a plugin to the above effect wouldn’t work?

    I found the current email blog plugin didnt seem to work properly, it added the post to the database fine, but for some odd reason I had to log in to my wordpress admin area and edit the post before it actually showed up on my site.
    Is this a normal behaviour so that you have to approve each post or am i missing something?

    Anyone knows more of those services offering free crons? None of those sites are up now… 🙁

    It appears that somebody has actually done this – I just came across a section in the WordPress Wiki at

    If you’re still looking for free crons…my webhost apparently allows unlimited
    free crons with basic hosting.
    Only problem is, I don’t know a cron from a chronic headache!

    Sorry….forgot to mention….webhost is: UKHOST4U . VERY reasonable rates!
    I paid 29.99 pounds (about $55.00, U.S.) for Domain for a year, 25000 meg bandwidth/month, 1000 meg of space, and more free pgms than I could ever use, including one touch installation of things like WordPress, PHP-Nuke, guestbooks, file management, etc, etc. Unlimited subdomains, unlimited POP email accounts…and more. All in all, a terrific deal…and crons are included.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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