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  • mystic_bovine

    I just set up Word Press for and transferred all my posts over.
    Now I notice when I am not logged in all the posts that were from have the “edit this” link. But the Word Press ones do not. I do not want the edit this link to be visible to the general public.
    Has anyone seen this before?

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  • “Edit This” is only available to you when you’re logged in. If you log out, you’ll see that the link has disappeared. This has nothing to do with your blogger import and is normal behavior for WordPress.
    The “general public” will not see this link at all. Your blog is safe 🙂

    The Edit this shows up ONLY on the posts.
    I even checked on another computer that was not logged in.
    Check it out:
    You’ll see the post titled “You are reading a blog” That is a post I imported from The one above it, is an original Word Press post.

    Yup, I see it.

    Any idea why it’s doing that?

    Possible reason: When your Blogger entries were imported, they were not imported as posted by the admin user. They may have been posted from no user at all. You can change that in phpMyAdmin and replace the user posted with the number of that of the admin.
    Don’t worry, though, clicking “edit this” will not take users to the edit screen. It takes them to the login screen. So they will not get anywhere you don’t want them.

    Thanks Dave,
    I knew they wouldn’t be able to do anything, but call me picky, it bothered me that it was on some.
    Thanks again.

    Another thing that works is you’ll see there is a user that is brought over from the posts. Their admin level would at at 0 or 1, just upgrade them to a higher level

    It seems that every weekend, I lose what I have entered on my blogpage because of “technical difficulties.” Since it seems that this is going to be a weekly event, why don’t you simply warn people that your blogspot isn’t going to operational on weekends?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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