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  • I am trying to transfer my bloodspot blog to a wordpress blog. It was going ok, i registered my free trial with dream host and ‘One click installed wordpress”. I received the email with link instructions to start to create an admin user etc. Then I ran in to problems. I have previously bought my Domain via Namecheap and had redirected it to my so I went in to blogger and stopped the redirect, but then I tried the link again and got a Google 404 Error message, it looked to still be associated with Google/Blogger. I did some research and found out i had to change the name server so i used these; NS1.DREAMHOST.COM, NS2.DREAMHOST.COM, and NS3.DREAMHOST.COM and Select Specify Custom DNS Servers (Your own DNS Servers) and entered the name servers.

    But the link still won’t work, now says it can’t find the server.

    Can someone help as I don’t want to mess this up!?


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  • Let me recap to make sure I understand the issue:

    You are transferring a blog to wordpress. The issue is redirecting your domain “” to your new wordpress blog.

    Did you login to Namecheap and change the nameservers to what you specified above? (NS1.DREAMHOST.COM, NS2.DREAMHOST.COM, and NS3.DREAMHOST.COM) It sounds like you did, I’m just making sure.

    *Note: Sometimes it may take a couple of hours for the changes to take place.

    My next question is: where did you install your installation of wordpress? Which folder? Do you recall? Double check that you installed wordpress into the “” folder.

    Yes I did do that name server thing with Namecheap… and Well I think I may have cocked it up even further when I tried to fix it. I removed the word press ‘one-click’ install I think and it’s DB and then I tried to reinstall it and it won’t let me even do that now!! So Confused… I got this from Dreamhost;

    We were unable to set up wordpress as requested at:

    The problem was directory /home/fisheedesigns/ is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.

    So i tried to reinstall the Database and got the following error… “NO hostnames exist for these databases… They are INACCESSIBLE until you add one!” SO I don’t know what to do to create a host name and get wordpress working!


    It actually looks like it’s working now. Or is it when you click the “Install” button that it throws the error?

    No, I clicked on the link and tried to go direct to the website and I just get a message saying it can’t find the server….? is it me?!

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    Have you gone here recently?

    what can you see then to think it is working?!

    email redactedModerator note: please offer help here – don’t ask people to email you – while you may only have meant well, it’s just not smart for people to do that on a public forum.


    It appears that the site is working now. I’d suggest clearing your browser cache, and see if you can view your site then.
    I also see you submitted a support ticket to us, and we have a tech investing the reason for the downtime you experienced.
    I apologize for the delayed response. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Justin H
    DreamHost Staff

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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