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  • Hi
    I’m hoping someone who has had experience with this might be able to shed some light for me.
    I have migrated my Blogger blog content over to WordPress and am about to do the redirect.
    I have found many tutorials for redirecting links to their corresponding post (rather than just the site homepage). I just want to know how this works exactly?
    For example, say I have a Blogger post with this URL:
    Is this (below) what my WordPress URL would need to be for the redirection to work:
    Does the .html at the end matter? And does it need to be word for word, as I’ve noticed (for example) some of my migrated Blogger posts have gained the word ‘the’ in the WordPress URL.
    I only have around 100 posts so if I need to edit the slugs I can, though I would like to understand it a bit better first.
    Thanks so much.

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  • That looks right.

    Your rewrite rule can compensate for the “.html” or you can add it automatically to your WordPress permalinks.

    I’d recommend editing your new post slugs to match the old ones. It will be more efficient than trying to rewrite them, plus words like “the” just muddy the URL. You are better off without them.

    Thanks. I don’t have too many posts so am considering doing individual redirects.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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