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    I recently started a new WP blog and tried to import the content from an old Blogger account using the blogger importer (version 0.4). The posts imported without any problems, but the comments are missing.

    The username & time of post meta data is present, but the actual text is no where to be found and the avatar images are blank.

    I’ve tried deleting and reimporting all the comments, but it didn’t work. Again, no comment body text and no avatar images. Has anyone else had this problem before?

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  • Hello, there.

    Your comments should be imported as well, or at least that was my experience with many Blogger to WP migrations.
    I don’t really know what could be causing the issue, though.
    In this thread, a user who had the same pb suggests moving from Blogger to first, and then from to your self-hosted blog.
    I hope this helps.




    Yeah, that worked, thanks for the help, but what a cumbersome work around.

    I went in and deleted all the comments, imported the blogger account to a blog, and then imported the the .com account into the .org account. It basically just filled in the blanks for the comments and didn’t overwrite what was already there. So far, it looks ok, no avatar images, but the comment text is present.

    Definitely a bug that needs fixing in the future.

    I’m glad you were able to fix your pb. I agree with you that this is a bug that should be fixed.
    If you want, you can try to contact the plugin author and point to all the threads in the Forums that discuss this issue, so he/she can identify the issue and fix it if he/she wants to.
    Good luck with your new blog!

    Hi again,

    Since you were able to figure this out, could you please mark this thread as resolved?

    Thanks a lot!

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    you can try to contact the plugin author and point to all the threads in the Forums that discuss this issue

    The import plugin developer is WordPress itself:





    The import plugin developer is WordPress itself:

    You are absolutely right. Do you know if this issue is being currently addressed in Trac?

    This is major bug…It’s importing comments but all comments are blank..Any working solution for this?



    If you are having the same problem as the OP, you should try the link I shared above: basically, importing to a blog first and from there to a self-hosted blog seems to solve the missing comments pb.

    I tried that too and comment for imported to like my self hosted blog but all comments were blank with no text in it.

    We are experiencing this issue as well it hasn’t been fixed yet. Are there any other work arounds?

    I did some debugging in the plugin code and may have a fix.
    In the file blogger-importer.php in the wp plugins directory on line 632 in the import_comment function, change:

    $comment_content = addslashes( $this->no_apos( @html_entity_decode( $entry->content, ENT_COMPAT, get_option('blog_charset') ) ) );


    $comment_content = addslashes( $this->no_apos( @html_entity_decode( $entry->summary, ENT_COMPAT, get_option('blog_charset') ) ) );

    The “content” index is now “summary” in the AtomEntry object.

    This worked for us and has allowed us to import comments with no other changes to our setup.
    Hope that is helpful.

    Comments should be processed correctly in 0.5

    Yay – it’s fixed! I just imported posts with their comments from blogspots and the full comments are there!

    Thank you!

    I am using WP 3.4.1 and your plugin Blogger Importer 0.5

    I tried import posts and comments from my blogspot to my new WP page but comments not imported (posts only). How can I import comments?

    Let me know ASAP please. Thank you


    How you do it please?

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