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    I’m trying to help a new user move from Blogger to a WP installation. The import feature seems to work, but stops prematurely after importing 50 or so posts. I’ve tried various fixes:

    The first was to import content through a dummy installation. This “kinda” worked. I was able to import about 540 of the 898 posts before the importer stalled on me. For now, I decided to export those to an XML file and re-import them into the hosted WP install. The export worked fine, but then WP only imported the first 270 posts. That was the end of route 1.

    Route 2 was to import to a local installation of WP and then export to the live WP install. The import worked just fine … but stalled after 50 of the 898 posts. I peeked at the import script and found it was limiting me to 50 requests. I raised that up to 1000 (to be safe) and tried importing again. Now, I get various levels of success whenever I make an attempt. One time it will fetch 120 posts, another it will fetch 140, another it will fetch 6.

    So far, importing through has been the most successful. But when every attempt is met with some degree of failure, I’m not willing to sit back and rest on it.

    What other options can you all think of for me to try? Yes, I even tried importing with a development version of WP2.7 (and a few outdated versions … WP2.2 and WP 2.3) but nothing has worked so far. Ideas?

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  • OK, I think I’ve got a bit of it figured out!

    From the looks of things, it’s mostly a Blogger-side problem. If you turn off “post pages” (as most tutorials tell you to do), then you are only importing the blog archives. If things are set to “daily archives” and you post more than once per day, you’ll only import the first post for each day (which is why a 900 post blog stopped after 500 posts).

    Likewise, if you select “monthly archive,” which is the Blogger default, you’ll only import the first post from each month! “No archives” will only let you import 1 post (the first post you ever published).

    I can’t explain why the importer seems to stall mid-import, but this explains why it stops importing and jumps to the “Set Authors” button prematurely.

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