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    I tried importing posts from my blogger account using the import feature.

    My posts look now like this in WordPress:
    Punnan ja euron kurssi alkaa lähentyä 1:1. Verkko-ostosten tekeminen Briteistä onkin nyt todella /br /Katso esimerkiksi:br /a href=”” – pelejä, kirjoja, elokuvia, musiikkiabr /a href=””Warehouse Express/a – kameroitabr /a href=””Hot UK Deals/a – Brittien parhaat alennuksetbr /br /Ps. Projektini tehdä tärkeimmistä säästämisvinkeistä oma sivustonsa on taas edennyt. Katsopa siis a href=”” ja käy liittymässä uuteen a href=””tarkan markan keskustelufoorumiin/a.

    Instead of <br /> making a break, the post shows /br. The same for other HTML tags. Any help is much appreciated.

    I am now (at this very moment) trying to import them first to and then export them out and import to my own blog…

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  • Okay, the import hanged at post 96/175. So that one did not work either.

    How can I import from Blogger without my posts becoming this garbage… 🙁

    Okay, I guess this might be related:

    I will try on doing it with if their servers XML RPC works…

    Here is the way to resolve this:
    Make a blog
    Import your Blogger blog there
    (even if the import hangs on screen, it has probably has gone through)
    Export the blog
    Import the export it to your blog

    This worked for me.

    In order to do a client-side redirect, I used Danny Ng’s excellent script:


    This is just to say that mannerv’s comment above, is exactly what you need to do.
    I had the same problem, with HTML brackets ( < & >) being stripped, and then followed the steps above.

    It worked perfectly for my 700+ posts and 1300+ comments, but there were some kinks however;

    My tags haven’t been imported, at all. Sad, but I can live with that.

    My XML export from were 3.9MB large, too big for wordpress, even tho I had set upload_max_filesize AND post_max_size in my php.ini.
    At the screen where I choose the file it said max. 8MB, but after pressing “Upload”, it said “file too big, max is 3000kB.
    I solved this by chopping up the file in DreamWeaver into 2 equally large files, both below 2MB.
    If anyone wants to do the same, just make sure you scroll halfway thru the XML file and chop the content at these tags; <item> and </item>, including both of them.
    Also, see the FAQ about that.

    Just my 2 cents, if it helps anybody.

    I’ll contact my webhost to update the library but this plugin works:
    (the manual fix to comment out didn’t work for me)

    Just to chime in here, as I spent the last hour or so trying to fix this, importing the blog at solved the problem.

    My web host has php 5.2.6, so that might have been the source of the problem, along with an old version of LibXML. But I prefer not to go through them, so importing at solved the problem for me!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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