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  • Hi. I don’t know what my archive path or my archive filename are (ie, I don’t know what to enter into the Blogger fields for those categories.)
    I don’t see anything like that in my ftp. Is “wp.php” the same thing as “wordpress.php”? Please help. Thanks.

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  • The archive path should be the path to the directory in which all the wordpress files are.
    Type “wordpress.php” in the archive filename field.
    “wp.php” is not the same as “wordpress.php” and you should not have to use wp.php for the import, at all.
    The file wordpress.php does not exist before you start the export from Blogger. Don’t worry about it, the “archive filename” is the name/prefix of the files that blogger creates as a result of the export process.
    Once your blogger posts are exported to the wordpress directory, you can click OK, to make wordpress import the posts.

    thanks. I found ‘wordpress.php’ on my ftp but no archives. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    Did you go back to the blogger-import instructions and click “Go”? Alternatively, did you correctly change *everything* – inc. date format?

    Did you go back to the blogger-import instructions and click “Go”? Alternatively, did you correctly change *everything* – inc. date format?

    Yeah, but I’m still doing something wrong. Nothing imported, and now I have this message at the bottom of my blog:
    Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/righton/public_html/wp-blog-header.php on line 469
    I’ve moved some posts over manually just to see how it looks.

    What did you put as your archive path? I’m no expert on all this, btw, but recently managed to export from Blogger, so you might be able to learn from my mistakes! 🙂

    I don’t know what my file path is supposed to be. I know that my archives are going to wordpress.php; is this also the “blog filename” you have to enter in blogger? (for example:
    I’ve never worked with a webhost until this week. It’s Vizaweb and I don’t have anything on it but WP. I used Fantastico to install it. I tried following the Wiki instructions, but here’s where I’m unclear (please forgive my computer-illiteracy; I know nothing).
    When it says “Try the script”, does that mean you put it in your IE address window and hit “go”? When I do that, I get the text of my blog entries but they are unformatted or whatever. Is this right?
    Also, I don’t know what “ok” buttong they’re talking about at the end of the Wiki. Sorry, but I’m completely confused.

    Your archive path will probably something like /httpdocs/ – the folder that your main WP files (index.php etc) are in.
    If your site is bobsuruncle, you’d need to go to http://www.bobsuruncle/wp-admin/import-blogger.php – at the bottom of that page is a “GO” button. When you’ve done everything else you need to press it. It’s that which actually imports the posts.
    Your blog filename can become anything you want. My became something like blogger.html – not the same as wordpress.php.
    Does that help?

    yeah, I’ll try it. Thanks!

    Ok, I think I know what i did – at some point in attempting to do this import, i must have put “import-blogger.php” as the destination folder – thus overwriting my import-blogger script with the text from my old Blogspot blog. So I think I need to reinstall WP on my server. Does that sound right?

    No, just delete the import-blogger.php script and upload a fresh (corresponding to your version of wordpress ) copy of the import-blogger.php file, and you are all set.

    Cool! Thanks.

    I changed my Blogger date format to the correct option (the first choice in Blogger’s drop-down), and then changed the Blogger template to the required WP code. I ‘republished’ the entire Blogger blog (which I began in Jan 2005) so as to upload to my WP blog directory

    The “Archiveâ€? directory is now properly showing under my new WP blog directory as is a “2005â€? directory with subfolders for all months and all my old Blogger posts visible. I then went back to WP’s blogger-import instructions and clicked “Go”. It then said “Doneâ€?. My WP directory now has the following subfolders:


    Everything appears where it ought to be, but when I sign in to WP and view my WP blog, none of these imported Blogger posts are showing…

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