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  • I have successfully imported my blogger archives.
    However, the first para of each post is in a different text colour and size from the remainder of my posts and is not obeying the css. Any idea why?
    My blogger posts had a div in there to justify the text, could it come from this in any way? It seems to make no difference whether there is a picture in the post or not.
    My previous test posts all came out formatted correctly.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The import has gone wonky ?
    If you view source, you can see that the odd lines are caused by the failure to insert a tag after the <div> yet the text of the line ends with a closing tag.
    Do you recall anything different about this import ?

    No there was nothing strange.
    I must say that the new blogger formatting tags tended to misbehave anyway. There were always millions of duplicate <div align=”justify”> tags which needed deleting to enable the formatting to look correct.
    And the stray tags weren’t visible in my blogger post boxes. I think I’ll just have to reformat the dodgy posts manually.
    Is there any quick way of amending the image paths of the pictures (see July and August posts, I have put September ones into my site directory and re-done the links) so that they display? They came in via Hello into blogger and don’t display.
    Finally, now that I have text in the site, I note that my menu bar is appearing below my posts when I pick a month in the drop down archives in IE (at work, but not at home). And on the home page the menu starts below my post text in the menu bar. Do I just need to tweak the pixels on the #content and #menu widths to sort this? Or have I completely borked the gemini template?!!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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