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  • I see that there are a number of threads addressing this issue but no clear resolution.

    Using the Blogger Import Tool of WordPress, it sees all of the posts but only a fraction of the comments (just over 700 when there are over 1500). Upon import of course most of the comments are missing.

    There are 339 posts in the blog going back to 2007 and most of those posts have comments. It has imported all the recent comments going back to about November of 2009. Anything prior is missing.

    I’ve tried most of the proposed solutions on this board such as import and re-import again and again, exporting the Blogger blog to an xml file and then using a converter (doesn’t work because the file size is too large at 16+MB), and even playing a bit with blogger.php in the wp-admin/import folder.

    I’m not a coder so I can’t break up an xml file into smaller chunks or write scripts (well, I did go to film school). I’m looking for a somewhat elegant solution to the problem if anyone cares to share one.

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    Create a free account at and import your Blogger blog from there. You might have to run the process more than once but I know I’ve gotten the complete files from Blogger with powerful servers at

    Then export the XML from there and import that XML to your self-hosted WP install and yeah, you have to run it more than once.

    Thanks mercime, I have tried that too. Same result and I did try it several times. It only sees 755 comments and that’s how many it imports. I haven’t counted but there must be over 1500 comments.



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    Ok, check out what I posted in another thread that you’re in 🙂

    I’ve been having the same problem for several weeks.

    @mercime, your suggestion to import a WordPress WXR file will not work, as sadly the 2MB file size limit is way too low for many people facing this problem.

    WP has seemingly imported all my posts, but ~100 of my oldest comments are missing. I’ve tried deauthorizing the Google/Blogger account over and over, and reinitiating the import. Once in a while it recognizes a couple more comments, and that’s it, it just quits. Mostly it does nothing, but reports it’s “Done”.

    There are around a dozen different threads here with issues like this. I wish someone in the WP community would actually address this import tool error.

    I’m also having this same problem and it’s quite frustrating. It is only uploading like 500 comments, and there are many more than that to import.

    I’m wondering if it’s formatting. Would it matter if the comments were embedded? Would it be better if the site was a generic blogger template?

    I guess this is a common problem. I’ve just finished exporting my Blogger to WP and I have the same error, although for me, the missing comments are on the newest posts. The old ones seem to have them. I can’t see them in the list of comments either.

    I’m still looking into the suggestions here and in other threads in the forum, but so far none has been successful.

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