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    Hello Everbody!
    I have searched the forums and found nothing that answers the following:

    I use blogger and host it on my own domain , but i would like to switch from blogger to wordpress. So i need to import the blogger post to my wordpress blogg . My question is, since i don´t use blogspot for hosting, is it only to follow the default importing tool in wordpress – or do i have to do some special coding since i host the blogger posts on my own domain? Something special to think about when i import?

    I hope you understand my question.
    Excuse my poor english…

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The Blogger importer doesn’t generally work with self-hosted sites or Blogger Beta sites.

    You could try the RSS Feed importer, if you have a feed of your blog available.

    Maybe I am wrong… but blogger used to offer the possibility to “display” your blogspot blog on your own domain (if you have one).
    Even in this case you can use the classic blogger importer and logging in to your blogger site (not your domain!) you can do the usual import.

    I did this about a year ago – since then I didn’t follow what was happening.

    As I understand it, the simplest solution is to temporarily publish your blog to Blogspot, do the import, and then republish back to your own domain.

    Ok, i´m a bit confused right now… Otto42 says that it don´t work, while moshu says it does?
    I must also say that i don´t have migrated to Blogger Beta yet, i use the “old” blogger. Maybe that info can help…

    Poco: if i temporarily publish my blog to blogspot, won´t my blogspot blog then be at Beta? And importing from blogger beta is not thta good right?

    Another thing that came in my mind was that if i just copied the raw html from Bloggers “edit post” and pasted it in my wordpress post, would that work or would my posts look funny? I know it´s a time consuming job but…

    I have to say i really hate this thing, since i know nothing about coding and computers i would pay someone to fix this problem for me – that´s how desperate i am.

    Please help me out guys!

    I do not believe that you have to upgrade to Blogger beta just because you publish to I have a blog on and I just published a test post to it.

    I don’t know if there is some requirement if you want to switch from FTP to blogspot, but it should be available in the settings/publishing tab of your blog. You should have an option to publish to blogspot where you can then select a name.

    OK, i would like to thank all of you guys – especially Poco!

    I did as Poco told me to, published my site to blogspot and then imported it in wordpress, and it worked great!
    Even my images that i hosted on flickr and on my own domain showed up allright.

    So thanks again guys, and if you´re ever in Gothenburg drop me an email an i´ll buy you a beer!


    You are welcome – and I should add that if you have any Blogger hosted images you might find my Blogger Image Import plugin useful. It needs a bit of work to be more functional and there are some open bugs, but it might help if you have a lot of blogger hosted images (make sure to backup your posts DB table before you start, just in case).

    Hello ziggytoxic/Poco

    I followed this thread and certainly got further after changing my blogger account to publish on Blogspot – the WP importer showed “Files published… 100%”, but then refreshed with the message:

    Your Blogger blog did not take the new template or did not respond.

    No posts have been imported.

    Can you help?


    omegadm, did you ever find a solution to this???

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