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    I’ve been trying to transfer a blog to WordPress following Andy Skelton’s and Catsudon’s tutorials with the goal of preserving the comments. I have very carefully and precisely followed their direction so I think I’m doing it right – could be wrong on that though. 🙂 I have left a message for them to see if they have ideas but thought I would check in here to see if the great knowledge pool of the support forum could pull my bacon out of the fire. Enough buttering up of the WP Gods, Tcha? 🙂 Here’s what’s happening:

    When I press the Republish button on I am getting the error:

    550 550-Quota exceeded: blogtestwp/2005_12_01_wordpress.php won’t be saved 20714 Kbytes used (101%) – authorized: 20480 Kbblogtestwp/2005_12_01_wordpress.php

    I have been trying to get a response from Blogger support on this for five days but to no avail. I just get their automated message replies.

    Nobody on the bloggersupport group at yahoo knows what is happening.

    I have tested this with two different web servers for the FTP destination and both have gobs (1GB and 153MB) of free space available as well as bandwidth. I can FTP to both web servers fine from my computer and do not get errors. The error is only happening for Blogger making me think that Blogger’s got problems which is why I’m switching to WordPress in the first place. I have tried this with two different test blogs on Blogger (I’m practicing before trying it on my real blog) and get the same results on both to either of my web servers via FTP for blogger Publishing.

    I saw someone else on Andy’s comments got the 550 error but their message is different (regarding missing file) as opposed to the error I am getting about Quota Exceeded.

    Any idea what is happening and how to fix it?

    Many thanks,

    -Walter <– the real blog I want to move <– first test blog on first web server <– second test blog on second web server

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  • I am having the same problem trying to move off of Blogger onto WP. I ahve followed instructions to the letter but can’t get Blogger to republish.

    Here’s the details from the Blogger republish error:

    001 Connection timed out/2005_12_01_wordpress.php

    I have tried three different browsers (Firefox, IE, and Opera) on two different machines. I have posted on my main site about this once at

    Is there an alternate solution for getting posts into WP from Blogger without having to republish Blogger? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




    I’m with you guys. I’m to the point I’m thinking of grabbing all my old entries manually and copy ‘n’ pasting them, then backdating, it’s that bad.

    I’m actually running my own server, but I can FTP fine from a command line.

    If anyone has further tips on ensuring proper FTP setup on IIS6 AND Blogger Republish, I’d love to hear it.



    I got nearly the same problem. With the standart blogger Import from WP 2.0 i get a:

    *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (top): 0x08b59dc0 ***

    some ideas? google doesn’t no anything further.



    got it,….don’t post anything in your new WP Blog until you imported all files.



    For real? Man, that would have been nice to know. Did I miss that step somewhere?

    Can I delete the two posts I’ve made and then run the import-blogger.php script?

    For a while was being very unstable from October through early January. I don’t think I’ve gotten any errors at all in the last two weeks. Maybe they got their problems worked out. One can hope. I’ve now installed WP2 on three domains and am pleased with it. I’ll keep my Blogger blogs but they’ll point over to my new WP blogs. Blogger was okay for testing the water but the unreliability was bother.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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