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  • I am attempting to import my blogspot blog into WP. I am using hte latest version. The process got to 4% using sftp and has never gone anywhere under ftp. Here is what sftp gets me: 005 SftpException: 2005_07_01_wordpress.php

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  • The php file that is generated is put in the wrong place. It is put in the ftp root instead of /hcs/wp/. I ahve also tried hcs/wp. The domain is actualy located at /hcs/wp/. is on the same account as The account’s root is /. I am going to try leaving the publication url blank and see what happens.

    jsut got another error. I can sftp to my account jsut fine:
    005 Unable to connect to SFTP server: Session.connect: Read timed out

    Ok i ahve put hte domain to point at /hcs.

    However stp still puts the generated php file in /. I have tried telling it /hcs/wp/ and hcs/wp. Time to try jsut /wp.

    Well that didn’t work. The script created a new wp directory and still dumped the generated php file in /. I need the files generated by the import dumped into my WP directory which is /hcs/wp/.

    005 SftpException: hcs/wp/2005_07_01_wordpress.php

    Well it appears to be pinting at hte right place. sftp is throwing:
    005 SftpException: /hcs/wp/2005/07/mooney-vows-to-continue-fight-against.html
    I am going to try ftp.

    I tried sftp one more time. It simply hung at 4 percent. I stopped it..deleted the imported posts and tried again. It got to 4% and simply hung again. Any ideas? I’m out of ideas now.

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    This seems to be more of a Blogger export problem, or an FTP server problem. Are you following this tutorial?

    Yes i am.

    it’s not ftp at my server. I can FTp/sftp from here at my place jsut fine.

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    Well, you haven’t made it to the import stage yet, you’re still trying to FTP/SFTP the files to your WordPress directory. So, at the very least, this is not a WordPress problem. Try contacting the author of the fore-mentioned tutorial.

    I wrote the updated import-blogger script. Go to and read the ALTERNATE TEMPLATE section. It will help you bypass the FTP export problem with Blogger. The screenshot tutorial has not been updated to include this, so please follow the directions exactly as written.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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