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    I’ve looked through all the documentation and spent several hours trying this so far, so bear with me:

    I am trying to import my old blogger entries. I followed all the instructions and have seen everything work, up to step 3, where you click ok. Then, I press ok, and a bunch of code comes up, and then it says it is done. But, although my entries are in the directories on my site, they are not coming up as wordpress entries. Does anyone know what could have possibly caused this or if there are any settings I should change to make them appear? Thanks in advance – Alex Pelan

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  • I am having the same trouble.

    Maybe they are marked as ‘draft’ or something when imported?

    You mean on the server? No, everything looks as it should according to the import-blogger.php page.

    my entries are in the directories on my site, they are not coming up as wordpress entries What does this mean, what directories?
    Can you see them in the admin interface (edit -> posts)?
    If so, what are the post status, ‘published’, ‘draft’?

    I’m not the originator of this thread so I don’t know for sure, but I would surmise that he was speaking of the archive entries that showed up on the host server after clicking GO on the import wizard. The same thing happened for me. They’re on the server, just not on the blog.

    alex: Your files are not where they should be. The importer is looking for files like this: and it is not finding any.

    PeaElAre: Your script is not being run correctly due to a configuration issue on your server. Plenty of other people have reported this problem. You can find the solution (and a newer script that will also import your comments if you re-do the export steps with the newer Blogger template) in this comment on my site.

    I’ve just published my files to my wordpress directory, and I’ve checked the ftp and they are there, where I want them…but when I press the ok button…nothing happens. I’m fairly certain I’ve done everything correct…they just don’t seem to be importing. Any suggestions?

    I had the same issue (=nothing happened) until I followed skeltoac’s suggestion above your post to take a look at the linked comment. After the change proposed there everything worked fine.

    Yes…All of this stuff worked…I had to do it round-a’bout, using that one line of code, after doing the whole thing over again to get the comments…but there was one thing that frightened me, and I don’t know what it means…anyone know if this is a bad thing, or something that can be ignored…after successfully importing the files with comments, and getting the “done” lines, at the bottom was this message:

    PHP Warning: mkdir(d:\home\hnt3e79\vlog/wp-content/themes/bottom-union): Permission denied in d:\home\hnt3e79\vlog\wp-admin\upgrade-functions.php on line 683


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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