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  • Since the upgrade my tag feeds and category feeds don’t work anymore.


    – returns the post by tag BUT returns nothing. Same for categories.

    Feedsmith doesn’t seem to be the problem, when deactivated it didn’t change. Also the main feed seems to be working fine.


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  • Is there no one out there having similar issues? Anyone please doublecheck? Anyone an idea how to solve this? Thanks!

    I’m using WordPress Default and my name disappeared from my posts after I upgraded to 2.7. If I switch to WordPress Classic it shows author name again. I’m guessing I need to modify the theme?

    Hey Ivan I’m not sure what you want to say (it’s not really connected with my issue either). You mean the author name in the single posts? You need to do that in single.php.

    Still, can anyone help with the feed issue??

    I’m having the same issue and I’ve been searching since last night. My category feeds just don’t seem to exist. I deactivated all my plugins and that wasn’t the problem. When I try to access a cat. feed, I get dumped to the main feed.

    Hmm that might be different though. Are you using a feedsmith plugin? That would redirect you to the main feed.

    I can’t see no feeds at all for my tag and category archives. Although the category and the tag archives exist and work. Anyone?


    Hmmmm… yeah, just noticed that. I can manually get to the feed by using the URL however, when selecting the category, all the RSS links in that category refer to the main one.

    Can you please explain why that might be different? I’m not using a feedsmith plugin, my categories are there, and I can’t access the category feeds. Maybe if I understood how the two problems are different, it would shed some light. Thanks.

    If manually putting the category feed in your address bar is what’s failing, might try what I found here:

    Go into Permalinks settings and force the category base to be /category

    Honestly, I never really bothered with category feeds, so I’m not sure if the RSS links in the sidebar and at the bottom of the blog are supposed to change to the current category or always link to the main blog feed.

    thanks MarkRH, I just tried that, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate it.

    *bump* Our feeds are still broken. Any chance someone has been able to figure this problem out yet without reverting to 2.63?

    my tag and cat feed work just fine, though I have noticed my tag feed doesn’t supply the tag slug, an never has oddly enough.

    <div class="content_title"><em>Tag Archive |</em> "<?php single_tag_title("", true); ?>" | Get the <a href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>/tag/<?php single_tag_title("", true); ?>/feed/">RSS Feed</a> for this tag</div>

    Anyone know how to call the tag slug rather than the title?

    Here is an example

    Alright I have fixed this if anyone cares or at least it works on a blog of mine.

    <div class="content_title"><em>Tag Archive |</em> "<?php single_tag_title("", true); ?>" | Get the <a href="<?php echo get_tag_link($tag_id); ?>feed/">RSS Feed</a> for this tag</div>

    You can see this in action at

    The tag feed works just fine but something odd is going on with the category feeds.

    try this on your category.php page it works for me

    <div class="content_title"><em>Category Archive |</em> "<?php single_cat_title("", true); ?>" | Get the <a href="<?php echo get_category_link($cat);?>feed/">RSS Feed</a></div>

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