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  • Hi, help please!?

    In some of our main text on a page that gives an overview of the blog we use the personify our url and say things like “’s purpose is to be awesome”, for example. There might be other random backslashes as well and they all can be publicly viewed, not just in admin or in the html editor.

    When trying to edit other parts of the text, a random backslash shows up between the end of the url (.com) and the “‘s”. Just delete it, right? Wrong it still shows up when previewing the page and if it is saved, then suddenly TWO backslashes get added to the coding for the text.

    Has anyone else experienced this little yet frustrating glitch? Or anyone know what it could possibly be or how to solve it… anything would help thank you.

    Oh by the way using newest update… 2.5 I believe…

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  • The blackslash is there for security reason i guess, but its probably a filters bug, for temporary try replace the apostrophe ‘ characters with special entities.

    1. html entities
    2. partial decimal entities

    note: you’ll need to replace the underscore with ampersand “&” .

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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