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  • BlogBooker is a free service converting a blog into a PDF.
    It takes a WordPress XML export and produces a high-quality PDF that can be printed (including pictures).

    At this time, there is no options (fonts, paper size, layout, etc…).
    I’m looking for some beta-testers who could feed the engine with quite large blogs and take time to make a quick feedback.


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  • Doesn’t work at all

    Since this message has been posted, not a single valid XML file has been sent to BlogBooker…
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Well all the XML files I tried were exported from within WordPress, so I don’t know where the problem could lie.

    Same here. I mean, what else can we do, we are using the export feature of WP to create the XML file, which, incidentally DOES work, since I used the XML file to pop the contents into a test blog. So something must be up on your end.

    My blog is a large one, tho, posts going back to 2002. According to blog plugin stats,

    Posts: 1,371
    Comments: 183
    Categories: 136

    I’m just curious, how did you get it to work on your end? Did you use your blog and the export feature of WP? How many posts/comments did your sample blog have?

    Well, the XML you send is parsed by some general tools widely used. Perhaps I missed something on some external DTDs or namespaces… Current errors include bad encodings (bad UTF-8) or HTML code inproperly processed (should be enclosed in CDATA). I will take a look at WP code in order to see how it is processed.
    Some people tried today and succeeded. The heaviest PDF generated was 300+ pages without comments.

    Thx for the feedback, for sure there is something I can do on my side.

    WP Export produces a XML file “by hand”, thus the errors encountered (and the export working everywhere, even when parser is not available in PHP).
    I have just added some filters, but nothing can be guaranteed…

    Filters are now OK and 99% of XML should go through.
    You should not be stuck in first page as before. You should see current progress over time.
    Thanks to all anonymous people who uploaded their WP export!

    Thanks to all anonymous people who uploaded their WP export!

    May I ask what will happen to those files that people upload? What is the guarantee that their privacy is respected?
    Just curious…

    well, it’s a blog, it’s already on the internet. so .. nothing lost on my end. if anyone wants to pore through my boring drivel i am sorry they have so little else to do.. 😛

    All files (received, sent, processed) are erased every N minutes, with N between 10 and 480.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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