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  • I just loaded WP 2.0 yesterday, I’m completely new to blogging and have never setup WP before. But I have been making template tweaks and already have it working well – all except for one issue. So before I start, thank you kindly to everyone who contributes to this project! 🙂

    I have everything loaded under path /blog. I also have a category called Blogging, with ID = ‘blogging’. So when a permalink is generated, I get:

    That URL always returns the friendly “Not Found” and “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” under

    I checked the database manually, and I deleted and recreated the category thinking there was some corruption. The end result was that if I have a category of any ID length, with the ID beginning with the four letters ‘blog’, then I get that error.

    Can someone please check this?: just change the internal ID of any working category (or a new one) to ‘blogzzz’ or something similar, then see if you can see any posts in that category. It’s probably significant that my path is /blog/blog/… and maybe the RewriteBase in .htaccess is killing it. If someone is using path /wp. try changing a category to wp so that you get /wp/wp/… and see if that breaks it – or any other path with the same pattern.

    If this isn’t the problem then I’ll keep looking for some other pattern. If this is the problem, my solution is simple, change the ID to ‘weblog’ – but others may trip on it – I wouldn’t have a clue about how to fix it, sorry. 🙁


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