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  • I’m looking for a hybrid theme, or a method for creating one, but it’s hard going as I don’t know quite what to search for.

    What I’m after is a magazine style layout “above the fold”, like this theme (basically I like everything from the slick drop down cat menu under the lead story, and up) but with a fully functioning scrolling blog below the fold, similar to this website. (I don’t think this is WP site, by the way.)

    I switched to a magazine theme earlier this year, but I’ve realized that I don’t really update frequently enough to warrant a full magazine theme. Because I only update three or four times a week, about 70% of the content on the front page remains static. The magazine theme actually makes it look like less is going on these days, even though I’m updating more frequently. The custom fields are also somewhat of a pain to deal with in every post. (These are things I wish I known before I known before I switched, and might be good things to consider if you’re thinking of switching from a blog format to a magazine theme.)

    What I’d like is a format that essentially replaces the left and middle columns on my magazine site, with a post call, and I’d like to limit that call to all categories, except the one featured cat up top. Since I’ve not seen any themes that actually do this, I’m wondering if this is even possible?

    Is there a name or process for what I’m wanting to do? I’m usually really good at finding what I need in the forums, but I don’t know what to search for in this case. Search terms, suggestions, links to info in the codex would be much appreciated.


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  • A layout of almost any style can be done via CSS. How the blog functions requires knowledge of PHP. There are hundreds of sites on the web – in addition to books available – that tell how to create a design from scratch ot modify existing theme structures.

    Thanks, Saurus, for your kind attention, and helpful reply.

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