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  1. fightrobot
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi evryone. this is my first ask for help within wordpress.

    what i would like to kmow is: can anyone suggest a good plugin or mod?

    I want to use my site as a blog for my magazine. but what i also need is an extra feature where users can sign up and then write there own blogs within the magazine. for example:

    themagazine.com <--- this is where my blog will be shown

    newuser.themagazine.com <--- anyone can sign up to a membership free of charge and then write there own blog within the wesbite.

    I dont want them to be able to edit/modify within the main site. They only have administration of there own blog.

    I dont really want it to work like a social network site with profiles and messaging. It just needs to be so they can sign up and write.

    any suggestions of a plugin/mod that would helpme out, i would really appreciate.

    thanks for takin the time to read this.


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