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  • I got the same on my blog, although the number was different.

    Seeing as it doesn’t really bring added value to the blog post this was posted to and because it indeed looks like some kind of spam, I just deleted it.

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    Looks like probing spam. Sometimes they just do this to see what gets past your spam filters.

    I also get something called “google media” and “google news and reviews” wtf.

    i’ve been getting those weird verification ones too. useless. BALEETED!

    I’ve been getting one on almost every post I make. I’m tired of deleting them. Anyone have any ideas on how to prevent these from posting, aside from closing the comments?

    Mark (podz)


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    Anyone on this thread using Akismet?
    Or any spam protection?

    I’m using Akismet. In fact, I found this thread by googling “blog verification comment spam” after receiving my first of these today. Akismet caught them on my blog – I highly recommend it. Nothing has slipped past it in the months I’ve been using it, and I’ve only had one false positive that I had to mark as non-spam.

    I’m using the CaptCha plugin.

    I had one site that was getting a couple hundred spams/day. Got to the point where I could just sit and watch the spam pour in. No one has said anything about any trouble posting comments or that the captcha was too hard to read and it has cut my spam to only a couple per month but I might look into Akismet when I have more time.

    Capcha’s are nifty if you intentionally want to ensure that blind or visually-impaired folks will never leave you a comment.

    I slipped on the keys and accidentally tried to log onto AdSense with the username “a” once, and the captcha I got at the next login attempt had an audio option. So there are ways to ensure that visually-impaired people can pass the test.

    When it comes to the numbers I agree that it’s probably a scheme to track blogs where the spammers have been white-listed. There are other examples, with messages like “I can buy this house for $483902, do you know if this a good time to invest?”.



    I don’t know anything about what those comments are or where they come from, but I do know they are incredibly fast.

    My site has been online less than 5 hours. My url is brand new, just registered today. I haven’t given the domain to anyone yet, I’m the only person who knows it exists!

    Still, I got one of those blog verification comments about an hour ago.

    Anyone have any idea how they even found out my site existed??? I hate to say it, but it seems as if it may be some kind of an inside connection to the code or the way it checks for links back to your site or something?



    So, that’s pretty mysterious. How does it bypass comment moderation is what I’d like to know.
    I’ll activate Askimet from now on



    Just enable comment moderation and call it a day.



    Moderatin WAS enabled. It went tight through it, that’s why I was surprised

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    They’re probably not comments. They’re probably trackbacks. Different door to making things that look sorta like comments.

    Install Bad Behavior and Akismet. Bad Behavior straight up blocks something like 90% of these worthless things, and Akismet catches the rest.

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