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  1. Debashish
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    My blog is hosted at http://www.indibloggies.org/blog and I wanted the blog URL to be http://www.indibloggies.org. I know that this is possible from the Options menu. But I wanted my home page to behave like a typical website from where I could link to my blog, show headlines, have a poll etc. Therefore, what I did was to drop a page called home.php in my theme folder and put the required code in it. Next, I moved the index.php file from http://www.indibloggies.org/blog to the root i.e. to http://www.indibloggies.org. I also updated the .htaccess as WP suggested. Everything works fine at http://www.indibloggies.org.

    Now to the problem. I try to do similar thing with my WP2.0 blog that is hosted at a "subdomain" http://nullpointer.debashish.com. However, a similar strategy does not work this time. The only difference is that http://nullpointer.debashish.com is a sub domain, not a simple subfolder.

    (1) Is this problem due to the sub-domain? If yes, can I get rid of it?
    (2) My blog URL http://nullpointer.debashish.com is already known and if the permalinks now change to something like http://www.debashish.com/url that will break links. Is it, therefore, possible to create a static home page like at http://indibloggies.org using the same WP install without disturbing the current blog at http://nullpointer.debashish.com?

    Thanks for your time.


  2. Debashish
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Ok. Having seen this, this, this and this I only noticed that they all refer to solution for a subfolder or directory under root but nobody refers about dealing with a subdomain and how to keep the permalinks intact like http://nullpointer.debashish.com/post-name. Guess there is no solution for me.

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