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  • Hello…super newbie here. I set up a blog on WordPress and called it suckinlemonz. I then decided I’d rather have my own domain so I bought and have it hosted at BlueHost. I then figured I would need to delete the WordPress blog so I did. Then I set up WordPress through the automatic setup feature that BlueHost offers.

    Now I find that when I post a comment on someone else’s WordPress blog my link takes them to a page that says “” is no longer available.

    How do I make that link go to

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  • ummm… kind of a guess here, is your email linked to that website at

    Or possibly in your account?

    I checked that and no that’s not the problem. When I post a comment and my link is attached to the comment that link is looking for my original blog I set up as

    Thanks for your input though!

    Not sure what would be going on there…. as when I access your url directly, it works fine…no redirect.

    Is the blog you are trying to comment on a .com or .org WP blog?

    It’s a .com WP blog. Heres a url where I’ve made a post. If you hover my name, suckinlemonz, the url it’s pointing at is rather than

    The Natural History Museum

    Ok, I’ve looked a little deeper into my account settings and found a link that says API Key and other Personal Settings and found where it’s referring to my email and website. It has my email correct but my website is listed there as and when I try to change it I get an error message that the email address is already in use. What the heck?!?!? Any ideas?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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