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  • I am new to the wordpress world but I have the blog working and everything seems cool, etc. The only problem I am having is that when I email a post in via my “secret” POP3 account. I have check in the support forums and wiki and not found anything to address or solve my issue.
    After I send the email, I run the wp-mail.php manually, still having my hosting company set up the multiple cron’s I need (I am on Ipowerweb and they only allow one per site to be set by the user , more then that and their level 2 techs have to add them…oh well ok whatever – that is another issue) , and immediately the post appears in the “post” section beneath the “edit” menu, but it does not appear on the actual blog until later.
    I thought it may be related to the server time zone differences and I changed it from EST (my time zone) to PST (ipower’s server time zone) and same thing still happens. Later in the day the posts do appear but it is fair from timely. I thought it was a constant 3 hours difference but that does not seem to be it now as I adjusted the time zone again and still not change. (change it to -1 from GMT) and still no different. I have tried all kind of different time combinations +3, -11, +11, -5, etc. All the same…post appears in “post” section but when I go to the actual blog the newest post is not there. If I type the same post in via the online blog editor it appears immediately so no issue and the time that it shows is the same as my local machince, so I see no delay as long as I do it online and not via email. Another wierd thing is that the posts that appear to be in “limbo” are listed when I roll over the posted date although they have not appeared on the blog page yet. When I send a post in via email and then post the same one via the online editor they show in the proper order (email post first, online editor post second) in the “edit” “post” area, but they do not appear on the blog a few minutes apart like the difference in the time shown on that list shows (i.e. email post show it arrived 4:00, online shows it posted at 4:02, online post shows up immediate with 4:02 time stamp, emailed post shows up later)
    Any ideas or I am just stupid and missing something obvious here or do I just need to learn to wait a few hours when I send posts in via email and live with it?

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  • looks like bogart addressed my issue while I was typing my question…I will continue trying to get the time thing on the server straightened out and we will go from there….thank bogart

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