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  • Hi WordPress People.

    The domain:, hosted in a godaddy dedicated server got some traffic trouble, maybe that is caused by an attack, or something like that. I wonder if you guys can tell me what is happening.

    In this capture:

    You can see a popstat plugin for wordpress, that shows an excessive use for google image motor. It it strange, because there are many kind of domains, for example “.es, .pe, .eg.,”.

    In this one:

    You can see too many Visits and hits for November 29. And that is ridiculous, there are too much traffic for a day, and curiously in that day, the server experiment problems and was finally down.

    I hope that you got an explanation or maybe any kind of solution. I think we’re not, the only ones, that have this trouble.

    Hope Your Answer….

    Jose Luis Torres.
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  • Oops, I almost forget:

    As you can see (In the images) that is the Popstats plugin, so, that traffic only appears in Postats, because in Google Analytics nothing appears occur.

    Hope an Answer…

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