• Hello all,
    I have been doing lots of research for marketing my wordpress blog, and Understand the basics of what makes a successful blog. But I have some questions.

    1) because I am a start up blog, I decided I will purchase a .com and host on a free server account from byethost5 to save money for till it grows. my question is will having a free server make google not like me?

    2) I am creating a website very similar to failblog.org. But my problem Im running into is theres really no content I can add for this idea. How would I make google like me if I am only uploading images with meta tags in the post if there is no content?

    3) I am currently finding images online and posting, and giving credit where it needs to be. Would google like me more if i uploaded the images to my server, or is it ok to get image from url?

    If you could be as in depth as possible that would be great, thank you!

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    1) Google won’t care who your host is, so long as they don’t send viruses.

    2) Add content. Use alt tags for your images, titles too, so when google scans, there’s something to grab.

    3) Forget google, post the image on your site. Linking directly to an image on another site is called Hotlinking, and it’s bad.

    Ipstenu, Thank you!

    as far as #3, didnt realise that was bad. did some reading on it, and yea I shouldnt be doing that. thats getting changed right away, thank you!

    Does any one else have any suggestions?

    how is it looking?

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