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  • This may not be the right location for this question, but I need to start somewhere.

    I have a group of people on Rackspace Cloud Sites, not all of whom operate WordPress blogs. One WordPress blogger in particular has become very popular. He has written a book, has lots of visitors and readers, and is moving ahead very well. His blog has been in operation on WordPress since 2008.

    The problem lies in the amount of space occupied by his content, and in particular in the uploads of photographs and videos. They’re occupying a huge whack of space, threatening to crowd the rest of us out.

    The answer would seem to be in moving some of his content to Cloud files. This would involve an api, and I am completely unsure as to how to configure WordPress so we can do this. I’d also like to know if there are other alternatives.

    I’m not a developer, but I’m competent to manage, maintain, and configure WordPress. I generally know my way around the WordPress files, though I have never needed to edit any of the core files.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Hi

    I am not an expert in the realms you mention. As general info to start your search, you want to offload the photos and videos to a CDN. is one often mentioned, as well as Amazon S3.

    These are paid solutions (pay for bandwidth and storage) but the costs are reasonable and will in fact speed up his site’s load time.

    The W3 Total Cache plugin is all set up to seamlessly work with CDN’s once it has been properly configured.

    DO NOT EVER edit WordPress core files. That is the wrong approach, every time.

    Thanks, Stvwlf!

    The plugin looks like just the solution I was looking for. I can use Cloud Files for the content, at a very reasonable cost. I had heard that load times were often improved under such an arrangement.

    What I wasn’t sure of was how to go about actually setting up WordPress to run under such an arrangement. I wasn’t even sure where to begin looking. That plugin looks as though it will handle everything for me. It’s reported “broken” at the moment, but I’m guessing it won’t stay that way for long.

    Thanks for removing some of the guesswork!



    I don’t have experience using that plugin so I can’t help any further. In all I’ve read it is considered the most sophisticated WP caching plugin and also the hardest to correctly configure. I don’t know if its actually broken or if its people who couldn’t get it working correctly.

    The plugin author is always written about as being very helpful to people with issues. If you Google for W3 Total Cache you will find a number of sophisticated articles about configuring and using it.

    good luck!

    Moderator kmessinger


    Just an observation. In the last 2 days I have helped 2 people who lost style.css and the fix was to deactivate W3 Total Cache.

    @kmessinger: Thanks for the info about W3 Total Cache.

    I use WP Super Cache and apparently it now works with CDN’s. So perhaps that is an alternate choice for you atelierbeads. SuperCache has worked very reliably for me.

    -kmessinger: Yeah, I read a bit of traffic in the related forum, and people are starting to sound desperate. It seems like a plugin that people have relied on for yonks that has suddenly lost its way.

    -stvwlf: I still need to wrap my head around the whole concept. I knew that “big people” blogs were handled this way, but I had no idea how. I feel as though I’ve just been sent up from the minors. My plan at the moment is to spend Monday (the holiday, right?) doing nothing but educating myself about the way all of this works. Then I can begin making decisions about which plug-ins to evaluate. You’ve given me leads on two good ones, and I suspect the guys at Rackspace will have some input as well. At least now I know where to start.

    Just to add insult to injury, this blog operates on a highly customized version of the old standby Kubrick theme, and every time I have to do an upgrade I lose ten years off the end of my life. It’ll be a challenge.

    Do look at MaxCDN. They are often mentioned and they are inexpensive. At the very least there is good info on their website about how this stuff works. It says they work with Rackspace too

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