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  • So, I’ve had WordPress running for a couple months now. Most everything works, but a friend of mine pointed out that the link on my page titles goes nowhere.
    The setup:
    My blog is contained under a folder called blog. index.php is at /blog/index.php. Accessing /blog/ should obviously return index.php. Under “General Options”, both “WordPress Adress” and “Blog Address” are set to “”.
    The blog’s title, therefore points to “” which is a dead end. I can correct this with a rewrite rule, but it shouldn’t be necessary. The title should be a link to “”.
    I’ve poked at both “WordPress Adress” and “Blog Address”, but that proved more dangerous than it was worth. Any idea how I can fix this up on WP’s side? Perhaps the meaning of “WordPress Adress” and “Blog Address” should be in the wiki, as this issue cropped up unresolved in a search.

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  • The problem isn’t that I don’t get index.php when I navigate to “/blog/”. That works as expected. The problem is that I get a 403 when I navigate to “/blog”; this is probably partly due to “/blog/” being a virtual folder (it’s an Apache alias).

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