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  • Aaarrrgggghhh!! I’m getting a bit desperate and wondering if someone can please help. I’ve tried posting here a few times on this issue but received no help.

    I am using MaiQ theme, (which is not some random theme but is one of the options WordPress gives when you create your site and need a 3-colum theme).

    Problem: The blog title was fine until one day when it suddenly wasnt. It should be a header on one line and a sub-header on the second line. Now something has shoved all the text right and downwards so the main title takes two lines and the subtitle is pushed down. (I use internet explorer as my browser btw)

    I did NOT tinker with the header or stylesheet. WHy would it suddenly change? I have tried anyway copying a fresh header and stylesheet code into the files to see, and they didn’t change anything.

    I have just created a sub-domain as I wanted to split my site in two. I used MaiQ again. In the new sub-domain, the header looks fine. So you can compare the two and see the difference.
    Site one (messed up header)
    Site two (header=OK)

    Please, oh please help. It seems a simple yet impossible problem for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    ps. I am using wordpress 2.9 but the problem happened before the upgrade so the upgrade didn’t have anything to do with it.

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  • Using FireFox 3.5.6 on Mac OS X 10.5 and IE 8 on Windows XP they both look the same except the second link has a longer sub title. Are you still having problems in IE?

    Thanks for responding! Yes I am still having probs. I’m so confused. I mean it’s one thing if it looked different in IE an Firefox or different versions of IE or something, right? But for it to have looked one way one day, and then differently the next on my same computer/browser, and for the two sites to look different confounds me.

    OK, now I’ve just taken screen shots of the headers of the two sites so you can see what I’m seeing. I put them in the top post on the second site.

    What do you think?

    Is my problem seeming impossible to solve? Anyone?



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    the way your header looks, depends on the width of the browser window.
    your divs #headone and #headtwo have a width in %, and are inside the #header with a relative width of 100%. if you give a fixed width of 1070px, for instance, to #header, your problem should be gone.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH. After days and days and several posts, you have finally given me an answer.

    I tried the solution you gave me which did help with how the blog title looks horizontally (got the blog title to be all in one line) but still the blog title and subtitle are pushed down vertically towards the bottom of the header field.

    Understanding that things look different in different browser. But the frustrating thing is that this still isn’t explaining why this theme’s header was once fine in my browser and now is messed up in my browser (the same browser, same computer). Also, the mirror website I just created with the same theme, as seen in my same browser, looks fine. (that’s why I put in the link to show how the two sites are looking different on my same computer/browser)

    The only thing I can think of is that something I have posted somewhere in my site seems to have messed up the header, as it was fine one day and not the next. I just can’t remember when/what it was.

    Any clues what it might be or how I can figure out what it might be?


    Having screwed up my theme a time or two, here is a work around that I came up with. Activate another theme, uninstall your favorite theme, reinstall your favorite theme, then activate it again. Whatever you screwed up is now unscrewed up.
    I know that this is completely amateurish, but when it gets late and I get frustrated, I find its best to admit responsibility and start cleaning up my messes.

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