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  • This announcement was in a different thread here, but SG suggested I put it here for easy find.
    I built a “Blog This!” bookmarklet for Mozilla.
    Details can be found here.
    When clicked, it captures the title of the page and the url. A blog form pops up (ala modified b2sidebar.php) with the subject pre-filled with the page title, a link pre-built into the post content, and the trackback prefilled with the url. It was something I used a lot with Blogger… that way if I’m on a page and want to pop in an entry about it, I can just hit the bookmark, and BLAM! start typing.

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  • Great stuff, TG!
    Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. 🙂 It looks easy enough to set up that even I can do it! LOL!

    How is this different from the bookmarklet already included with WordPress?

    The sidebar doesn’t capture the current page data….
    Using this version, when I click the bookmark, it will automatically grab the URL and page title and populate the appropriate fields in the blog entry page.
    The reason I did it, is because often I am surfing the web and I find something I want to write about. Which then meant I had to copy the url from the address bar, open a blog session, paste the text, etc…. this is just a simple shortcut. I typically don’t use my sidebar in Mozi, preferring to use the bookmarks across the top.


    Was thinking you should change the name of it to “Press this!” 🙂

    I thought I had seen it somewhere. Thanks Dougal. 🙂

    Well I’ll be an unkie’s moncle….. never had a reason to open that before. Didn’t know it was there!

    Maybe we should move the bookmarlet link to a more visible place…

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    I really like the “Press This” idea. I think I’ll change the bulit-in bookmarklet to do that. It could probably be moved to the bottom of the post screen.

    Is there any way to change the size of the pop-up window for “press this”? I’m still using .072. What template controls the entire pop-up? I want to change the size of the entry box as well.

    If you look at the properties of the bookmark, it’s simple javascript that calls a newWindow…. some of the parameters in there control the height and width of the popedup form.

    Thanks TG! I like being able to go into templates and change things. 😀

    I went and added a scrollbar to the side and adjusted the width. I also found the actual template in wp-admin/bookmarklet.php in case anyone is wondering.

    Where can I find information on WordPress bookmarklet? Is that in the manual or ReadMe file somewhere? I see a reference to it in the Create New Post area (bottom) but there’s no link and certainly nothing there but this:
    WordPress bookmarklet
    You can drag the following link to your links bar or add it to your bookmarks and when you “Press it” it will open up a popup window with information and a link to the site you’re currently browsing so you can make a quick post about it. Try it out:
    But that’s it. Nothing follows the “Try it out:” part. Am i missing something?

    I have the same problem as dwaun, occuring over at least 5 different (recent) versions of WordPress. No Bookmarklet link or button follows the paragraph that describes it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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