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  • Yup, exactly (mostly) what it sounds like. A site that’ll host your theme downloads and screenshots πŸ™‚ is using WP1.5 right now, since I felt it was high time I got *something* going on there. Eventually, it’ll either be customized to the nuts or replaced with something else – whatever works best.

    In any case, if you’ve developed a theme, feel free to check out the site and let me put it up there for you πŸ™‚ I was sick of having to boot all over the net for themes – I just wanted them all to be in one place – with screenshots – on a quick server so I could give them a try πŸ™‚

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  • I think the codex would be great for this – since it’s linked if WP itself. But stickes here would be great too.

    It’s all very nice having all these wonderful little resources, but the crux of any community is co-operation, consolidation and communication (there wasn’t meant to be 3 cs…)

    This is not a WP exclusive problem, but I find that many communities spread themselves too thin – having about a dozen different sites, some offical some not so – it would be perfect to have a portal site whereby users can browse all links under one roof. If it takes you to a different site, so be it, but to have all possible resources and links under one roof would make life easier for everyone.

    For example, I want WP to be the main point to every other site. YOu need support, you come to WP, you want themes, here’s a link in our list of extensive resources. No one has time to remember 20 different addresses (which is why they invented BOOKMARKS!). True bookmarks are the best way to go, but then for new users they have to wade throught tripe to get what they’re after.

    Well those are my thoughts anyway – I mean how new people woudl know, or care to know about the codex/wiki/tamba/blogthemes etc etc – I bet you can count the number of WP resource sites on four hands. That’s a lot, time to consolidate imho


    Matt (WP Developer) is thinking of getting a website up especially for WordPress 1.5 themes.
    It might be similar to that we do have now.

    people can archive and maintain versions of their themes, I suppose.

    He has sent an email to me regarding that, and let us wait for further instructions from him.

    Wow. It was never my intention to cause any of this debate.

    Obviously a lot of people in this community like things to be very official and just right. That’s your right and I won’t enter into that one. However, that is why so many of us keep out of it and watch things from the fringe, because as soon as we try to do anything to help we get canned!

    I was not trying to suggest my list would be THE place to find themes. As I put in my intro to the list, it was just another option to others. I didn’t even make this thread to announce it. I just happened to notice another user trying to offer his services too – lucky guy that he is!

    Anyway, what I do on my sites is totally up to me and I have decided to list the 1.5 themes. If you are one of those that find that a bit too hard to handle, I suggest you make it very simple for yourself and do not visit.

    I never claimed for it to be the official site or a site that is any better than any other. In fact, much like Podz has done with his guides, I just thought it would be nice to have a list. I was actually stupid enough to think it may be of benefit to some people. The Codex list one is not always updated and so this is just another option. Nothing more nothing less.

    And, judging by the fact that I had over 7000 hits yesterday [and without sitting down and doing a full analysis of the situation] it occurs to my limited understanding that people are keen to find these themes.

    But, don’t worry, I will certainly not offer my services again nor share my ideas with this community. Life is far too short for any of this nonsense!

    You would have thought I would have learned after trying to share the WordPress Reference Centre.

    Sheesh what a group of people!

    shadow, I think some of comments are perhaps being taken too personally – right now, there is no real place to grab all the themes, and your efforts are in the right direction and I think should be more welcome – I think it just happens to be that people are wondering why there isn’t an equal effort officiall, finally they have something to compare to!

    I’ve seen the plugin repository, and if the theme repository looked anything like that I would rarely, if ever, visit it. It looks like awful, but I guess design was the last thought, and functionality first (though I question that too).

    Anyway shadow, keep doing what you’re doing, because no one else is really doing it and I hope poeple continue to submit the themes. You’ve done a positive thing in announcing this and it is important that at some point there is an official version, and how knows, perhaps it will emulate or become your site – I dunno, but at the very least it’s prompted others to take some positive action, and for that your input has been invaluable.

    Good luck

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator πŸš€

    Some of you may have come across this thread. It just highlights the pettiness of many of the people involved in WP. Anyway, each and all to their own opinions. For me, I will simply keep adding to this list and let them play their gamesÒ€¦

    The preceding was from Shadow’s Theme list. I think it’s personal now. All I did was use a little bit of italics in hope that the theme developers would also submit their themes to the official list, because the official list (being part of the documentation) will more than likely be the destination of most users looking for new themes. “Petty”? I call your unwillingness to contribute to the existing documentation “petty”.

    I call cross-posting the exact same comments in multiple threads ‘petty’. YMMV.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator πŸš€

    I call attempting to trump someone’s defense with an short comment about cross-posting “petty”. YMMV.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator πŸš€

    Anywho, Moshu’s comment just about shuts the doors on any further discussion on this topic.

    Maybe some informal ground rules similar to those found here?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I wouldn’t have started this topic if I’d known how snarky people were going to get. My bad.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator πŸš€

    Hope you don’t mind the cross-posting, but I feel obligated to resolve this.

    I’m sorry that it’s all going this way, Shadow. I had not intentions of causing any bickering or power plays. This all began when I italicized the word “official”. If I had know that it was in bad taste, I wouldn’t have done it, and I am sorry. Again, I only used the italics in hope that the theme developers would also submit their themes to the official list, because the official list (being part of the documentation) will more than likely be the destination of most users looking for new themes. Shadow, I think you and I can both agree that we’ve gone too far with this simple issue and all we really can do is take it further or forgive each other. I admit that I’m a hot-head sometimes, and I’ve had enough family deaths this month to justify that right now, but now we’re just turning this issue into a personal war which was the furthest thought from my mind when I used the italics. Shadow, your list is great and we all appreciate the effort and hope that you will keep it up. I can’t go back and edit/delete my forum entries, but I hope you can accept this as some form of apology.

    (Update: He has accepted the apology. Thanks, Shadow!)


    Fantastic way you have displayed the themes!
    And I’m able to find that you have taken pains to do ceratain enhancements also.

    Though I am able to download the images from the folders containing various themes, I am not able to get the css and php files of the themes since the browser tries to dispaly the php file and returns the error message. Besides I am not able to get the rotate.php file also.

    So, kindly provide all the themes as zip files for download.
    You are more than official, my friend, especially when the codex itself is down! πŸ™‚



    I appreciate your comments and understand that it would be good to have the download zip available at my site as well, however, I think this could lead to a small problem.

    Many of the themes are updated regularly as more and more people use them and small glitches are sorted out. If I housed the downloads on my site they may not be updated as frequently. By providing a link to the home of the theme I think it alleviates this issue and people will always be able to download the most recent update.

    May I also point out that these are not my themes – I simply link to others.

    I hope that clarifies the reason for how it all works.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

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