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  • Hi all,

    Firstly, I’m not a coder by any means, but I have modified the Genesis Child Theme ‘Amped’ to my liking using the WP editor and firebug.

    However, dispite the blog page appearing as I’d like, the category or tagged pages (dynamically bringing together posts of a similar cat or tag) appear with no styles (css) and in the code, they appear to have no header – I’m not sure if that’s due to the page linking a master genesis style elsewhere, or if that is in fact where the problem lies.

    Now, I would just copy and paste a head into the WP editor, but I’ve no idea where to find the correct place as tagged/category pages are created dynamically and there is no single editable template for them (I believe)

    The blog is here:
    A tagged page is here:

    My editable templates are as follows: 404, Archive, Blog Page, Comments, Footer, Header, Main Index Page, Siedebar, Single Post, Theme Functions, adsense.php, footer-widgeted.php, init.php, sidebar-alt.php, sidebar-bottom.php, style.css

    Any help would be much appreciated, and I’d be happy to post any code here for you to review.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi!!!
    It looks, like you haven’t called the header.php file in your tag and category template files. Put the following code in your tag.php and category.php (located in theme directory wp-content/themes/”Your Theme Name”)and in all the other template files, where you have the styling problem

    <?php get_header(); ?>


    Basically the header.php is the file which will your stylesheets and all the other markup info…


    My FTP structure is as follows themes/Genesis Package/amped – (a child theme)
    In ‘amped’ I only have adsense.php, footer-widgeted.php, functions.php, home.php, sidebar-bottom.php – no tag.php or category.php as you mentioned…

    Also also checked the genesis folder in themes/Genesis Package/genesis to see if amped was using any parent themes from genesis and that contains 404.php, comments.php, footer.php, functions.php, header.php, index.php, page_archive.php, page_blog.php, page.php, sidebar.php, sidebar-alt.php, single.php

    In the ‘lib’ folder there are more, and the folders within that, but none of them with the file names you mentioned. Is there a chance it could be using a style from one of these genesis folders with a different name?

    Thanks for any help…

    You will have to search the files, from where your tag and category pages are getting called.. Once you locate those pages just enter the above function..

    Even check page_archive.php, if the php snippet is missing…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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